Zai Violinist Serenades S’pore On Hotel Balcony With Stirring ‘Home’ Cover For Frontline Workers

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Violinist On SHN Moves Everyone To Bits Playing “Home” At Rasa Sentosa Hotel Balcony

We can only imagine how trying it is for many Singaporeans to be isolated from their families and friends for 14 days.

But if there’s an ideal place to serve your Stay-Home Notice (SHN), it might as well be where you call home.

To keep up everyone’s positive spirits, a talented violinist who returned from overseas produced a stirring rendition of ‘Home’ right on the balcony of a hotel unit at Rasa Sentosa — a designated hotel for SHN returnees.

A video of the moving scene was uploaded by Fabrications About the PAP on Facebook, and you can watch it here.

Violinist’s soul-stirring rendition of ‘Home’ got us looking for tissues

Calls to designate 8pm last night (30 Mar) as a time to thank healthcare workers and those fighting to keep Covid-19 at bay were well-met with enthusiastic Singaporeans applauding to show their support.

A lone violinist decided to respond in her own way in a touching musical tribute to the nation.


What better way to rally everyone than with the quintessential National Day song, Home?

Words weren’t enough to describe the emotion invoked from this heartrending anthem.

Emotional tribute to frontline workers

As the strains of the performance echoed across to other rooms, more and more people emerged from their isolated hotel rooms to enjoy the impromptu concert.

We can hear the person behind the camera clearing their throat and sniffling, barely able to hold their emotions in.

As she plays the final strains of the song, one can almost hear Kit Chan physically present, singing,

For this is where, I know I’m home.

Safe to say, the violin’s melody brought about a sense of melancholy tempered with hope, a timely reflection of what our nation is feeling.

Rousing applause for violinist

A well-deserved standing ovation from many onlookers followed the powerful performance, the size of which grew considerably as she played.


We can’t think of a more fitting way to pay our thanks to the frontline workers battling Covid-19.

There’ll always be Singapore

Having to put studies, work and a life abroad on hold must have been a very difficult decision for Singapore’s diaspora. But one thing’s for sure, #SGUnited consists of Singaporeans everywhere, not just in Singapore.

That they choose to return to their roots in Singapore is a testament to how the Little Red Dot will always be home.

‘Home’ represents a hope that we can stay strong, and beat back this virus that’s plaguing everyone.

We’re all trying our best to fight Covid-19, and those serving their SHN are doing the same by isolating themselves.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Facebook.

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