Xiao Long Kan & Alipay Have Mala Hotpot Scented Candles Crafted With Dry Chilli & Herbs

UPDATE (12 Nov, 7.12pm): We learnt from Alipay that the only way to procure these scented candles was via a free lottery draw by Alipay on microblogging service Weiboin in Sep. The promotion has already ended, so all we can do now is admire and imagine how these candles were to smell like if we had them.

Every mala hotpot lover would know the joy of walking past a hotpot restaurant as the aromatic smell of spicy soup tantalises your senses.

If you identify with the sentence above, then this mala hotpot candle is the perfect addition to your homes.

According to a post shared by Twitter page Trending Weibo, Xiao Long Kan and Alipay came together and released a candle that would unleash a life-changing scent — Mala Hotpot.


Will you be able to resist smelling it all the time without having to eat it though? One can’t help but wonder.

Mala hotpot candles crafted with dried chilli & herbs

For those who are unaware, Xiao Long Kan is a famous hotpot restaurant chain known for traditional Chinese hotpot and mala soup.


With their newly released mala scented candle, you can now enjoy the smell of Sichuan’s best dish without having to indulge in an entire meal.



If you look close enough, you can even see huge chunks of dried chilli and Chinese herbs pressed into the candle. That’s when you know, that’s one tangy scent you’ll enjoy.


Hotpot without the calories

As much as we love our mala hotpot, this caloric delicacy probably isn’t something you should have everyday.


But with these candles, you could probably trick yourself into thinking you’re digging into a mala hotpot while munching on salad. Sounds a tad sad, but it could work if you’re really keen on sticking to a healthy diet.

For now, it seems that the candles may only be exclusively available in China. We’ve reached out to Xiao Long Kan’s management team in Singapore for more details.

But if you have any idea where Singaporeans can get it, do share with us in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Twitter and Twitter