Samyang 40% Less Spicy Noodles Finally Gives Us A Xiao La Option

Ever looked longingly at a piping hot bowl of Samyang spicy noodles across you and wondered if the burn was worth the reward?


For years, fans of Samyang’s incredibly spicy fire noodles have prided themselves in being able to tank the spice level, to fully savour the tasty ramen.


Now, Samyang has finally heard the prayers of people who hail from the xiao la tribe, with their latest release on Friday (18 Oct) — 40% less spicy fire noodles.


The trick, as always, is all in the sauce.

40% less spicy fire noodle sauce

Thanks to a less potent sauce packet, you’ll be able to get the same springy noodles, sesame seed and seaweed condiment pack and all-round Samyang experience.


If you’ve always feared the consequence of placing extra spicy noodles anywhere near your mouth, you can try the toned down xiao la version for a 40% less kick.


That also means you can shovel twice as much noodles without the crippling burn.


Baby steps for those without steel tongues

Of course, OG Samyang fans will reason that they fell in love with the instant noodle brand because it was deathly spicy.


A quick search online reveals that fans who can cope with Samyang’s fire noodle spice levels, probably belong to an elite chilli squad with iron-clad stomachs.

Reddit, for instance, has more than 1 active thread dishing out advice on how to make the instant noodles less spicy.

So to all you da la eaters, think of this pack of ramen as baby steps for your loved ones who haven’t been endowed with a steel tongue yet.

Sold in packets of 5 on Samyang’s website

For now, we aren’t sure which retailers in Singapore will pick up on the sale of these noodles — but judging by the popularity of previous iterations, they’ll probably be available in local K-marts and supermarkets soon.


You can choose to head over to Samyang’s website directly and order a pack for yourself. Remember to click the translate page option on Google to switch the text to English.

Samyang Light Fire Noodles (5 x 110g packs) – S$5.13 (₩4,400)

If you expect to burn through the packs like water, Samyang has a discounted pack of 40 retailing for about S$40 as well.

Samyang Light Fire Noodles (40 x 110g packs) – S$41.07 (₩35,200)

Do note that shipping costs will be calculated upon checking out your items.

Post-mala toilet apocalypse awareness is key

We hope you’re aware that spicy food – like all risky things in life – come with due consequences.

Those who aren’t convinced that the post-mala toilet apocalypse dilemma is real, should at least equip themselves with the right attire before attempting the challenge.

Would you consider getting the xiao la version of Samyang Fire Noodles to cope with the burn? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Samyang.