Malaysian Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Asks Colleagues To Mask Up

After almost 2 years living with the pandemic, many feel weary and become complacent with safety precautions.

It would seem that some Malaysian politicians are guilty of this.

On Saturday (23 Oct), Malaysia’s Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin took to Instagram to remind everyone, especially his colleagues, to mask up.


He elaborated that more politicians have been seen without masks at meetings.

Warning that many of them have health issues and are “probably obese”, he urged them to learn from countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and “just mask up”.

Health Minister warns politicians to keep masks on

On Saturday (23 Oct), Malaysia’s Health Minister, Mr Khairy, shared a not-so-gentle reminder on his Instagram story for everyone, especially politicians, to keep their masks on.

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He added that recently, more politicians had been seen at meetings without masks on.

Without mincing his words, Mr Khairy said many of his colleagues have diabetes, hypertension, and are probably obese.

He warned that if they contract Covid-19, it won’t be “fun and games” even if they are vaccinated.

Mr Khairy urges them to learn from the UK, which is currently experiencing another wave of cases due to their “obstinate refusal to mask up”.

He concludes by saying, don’t be like the UK,

just mask up.

Malaysia’s easing of restrictions in October

Mr Khairy’s poignant reminder comes as Malaysia eased its Covid-19 restrictions on 11 Oct, permitting interstate travel after months of lockdown. Rules on mass gatherings have also been relaxed.

With that, many Malaysians have been heading out, leading to congested roads, packed malls, and crowded tourist locations, reported The Straits Times (ST).

As of Sunday (24 Oct), 94.5% of the adult population in Malaysia have been fully vaccinated, making up 72.4% of the total population.

Currently, the country is focused on vaccinating its adolescent population. About 80.9% of individuals between 12 and 17 have received at least 1 dose of their vaccine as of today.

Malaysia has seen its Covid-19 situation stabilising with a steady decline in daily death count and recorded cases.

On Saturday (23 Oct), Malaysia reported 5,828 cases, making it the 21st day their caseload remained below 10,000.

Just a few months back, on 26 Aug, they hit a record high of 24,599 cases in a day.

Do not let our guard down

After many months of living under strict restrictions, it’s understandable that many are feeling tired of adhering to Covid-19 safety rules.

However, just like our politicians have warned us countless times, we cannot let our guard down.

Despite our fatigue, Covid-19 continues to live on within our community, and we need to do our best to keep it at bay.

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Featured image adapted from Khairy Jamaluddin on Facebook and BFM News on Twitter.