Young M’sian Men Offer ‘Escort’ Services To Rich Lonely Women, Earn Up To S$4.4K/Month

Young Men In Malaysia Reportedly Earn Up To RM15,000/Month For ‘Escort’ Services

When most of us get lonely, we turn to friends or romantic partners for company. But some rich and lonely women in Malaysia are willing to fork out money to engage attractive young men for ‘escort’ services.

The payment is apparently so lucrative that some of these men rake in up to RM15,000 (S$4,468) a month.

Each ‘escort’ may cater to multiple clients a month, so one can imagine the monetary and other perks they earn.

‘Escort’ service a simple & lucrative job for young men

According to Kosmo!, the occupation is an easy yet profitable one, with part-time escorts earning up to RM8,000 (S$2,383) a month and full-timers earning up to RM15,000 (S$4,468) a month.

They reportedly target rich women who are often lonely because their husbands neglect them. Desperate for company, these women are willing to invest a lot of money to engage male ‘escorts’ to accompany them for an evening drink and uplift their spirits.

Source: Vlady Nykulyak on Unsplash

Such women include Datins, businesswomen and rich widows between the ages of 40 and 50.

The fees depend on the activities involved, which tend to include keeping them company for drinks, meetings in hotels, or event venues.

Multiple clients in a month

A 26-year-old male escort, Alex, who spoke to Kosmo!, shared that he charges RM100 (S$29) an hour.

He has apparently been offering services for the past five years, since his junior college days.

Source: Kosmo!

The length of time has given him a steady pool of clients and he can have up to four of the same ones in a month.

He claimed that he would source for clients on social media. To keep their interactions on the down-low, and if he’s lucky, the women would bring him to other countries like the United States and Indonesia with them, where they can allegedly have “more intimate” relations.

Job finances luxurious lifestyle

Despite the implications of such intimate contact, the ‘escorts’, or Alex at least, is in the industry just for the money.

China Press reported that he learned about the service online and from college friends. He eventually joined to earn extra pocket money to lead a “more luxurious life”, which included getting his own apartment and car.

Getting into this line of work allegedly isn’t easy either, as ‘escorts’ must more or less possess the following characteristics:

  • handsome
  • tall
  • stylish
  • confident
  • good at maintaining personal image
  • have good communication skills
  • good at keeping secrets

The above reasons are apparently why most of them are models, flight attendants, fitness instructors or college students.

But of the unofficial criteria, secrecy appears to be of the utmost importance, as clients often tell people who ask that the young men are merely their personal assistants.

Requirements aside, they also encounter women who refuse to pay the full price for their services.

Challenges & benefits to every job

While their occupational choices may not be very traditional, these young men are at least not flouting any laws and are supposedly respectful of their clients.

As long as the relationship is a mutual and professional one, we shouldn’t judge them for their work.

Who knows, the services they offer could really help cure loneliness among their clients who might otherwise struggle with their mental health. In that case, they might be helping people in need despite what doubters may think about their line of work.

Whatever the truth may be, we hope they’ll stay safe on the job and make an honest living.

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Featured image adapted from Kosmo! and @priscilladupreez on Unsplash.

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