Retired Malaysian Nurses Volunteer At Covid-19 Frontlines, Will Provide Much-Needed Manpower Boost

By now, we’ve have heard many stories of valiant healthcare workers doing what they can and sacrificing their own health at the frontlines to treat patients with Covid-19.


We’re honestly not tired of hearing these inspirational stories of medical staff displaying their commitment to protecting the people, one that is not only strong but also long-standing. So here’s another one.

Around 3,000 retired nurses in Malaysia have taken up their old vocations again, volunteering their services at overworked hospitals and clinics.

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This will ensure Malaysia has sufficient manpower to deal with the growing pandemic.

Retired nurses volunteer to return to service

According to the Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MoH), these nurses registered to come back into the healthcare service in light of Covid-19.

The Malaysian government is identifying each nurse’s speciality so it can allocate them to specific hospitals and clinics, reported The Malay Mail.


This is to ensure the retired nurses can contribute best in the departments they are most experienced in, ranging from Intensive Care Unit duties to assisting in operating theatres.

Malaysia needed more manpower

According to an MoH representative, Malaysia’s healthcare professionals have been toiling day and night for the past three months to contain the virus.


Hence, they are currently training and dispatching another 2,400 nurses to help out in hospitals and clinics.

Additionally, MoH is aiming to boost their ranks with 2,000 healthcare professionals.

Retired nurses’ dedication is admirable

Its respectable that these nurses are coming back to offer help to Malaysia in times of need, even if it means exposing themselves to greater risk.


Truly, our healthcare heroes do deserve our admiration and gratitude.

Kudos to medical staff around the world who are putting their best foot forward to contain the pandemic.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.