M’sians Clear Out Maggi Shelves Following Lockdown, A Month After Laughing At S’poreans For Panic Buying

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Malaysia “Celebrate” Covid-19 Lockdown Announcement By Panic Buying Maggi & Milo

Malaysia’s sudden announcement of a lockdown comes after a huge surge in Covid-19 cases. As of 16 Mar, our neighbours’ toll stands at 553.

As a result, some Malaysians are panic buying at Tescos and Giants as they fear the lockdown will affect supplies.


After Singaporeans went into panic buying mode on 7 Feb, they were quick to laugh at us on social media. We’re not sure if they have that right anymore.

Panic buying even before lockdown

Even before Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin made the lockdown announcement last night, people already seemed aware of something impending.

Shoppers were already thronging supermarkets on Monday (16 Mar), resulting in someone pleading to Malaysians to cease the tomfoolery.


Instant noodle shelves were left empty, and we expect many more cases of hair loss after the lockdown is over.


All across the country on the 16th and 17th, people reported mass buying of food at supermarkets and long queues — arguably defeating the purpose of social distancing.


Car parks that’d usually be empty were filled to the brim on a weekday morning.

A Tesco Extra in Sungai Dua

However, the lockdown announcement does not apply to supermarkets, and they’ll remain open for the next 2 weeks.

Malaysians call out others for shaming Singaporeans before

Of course, some others are more reasonable and didn’t panic. But seeing their own people participate in this behaviour was enough to make them fire shots.



Translated, the tweet reads:

Why are Malaysians so panicky and selfish. The other time they criticised Singaporeans for panic buying, now they’re doing the same.

Seems we’re not the only sia suay people out there, but at least we aren’t doing it anymore, right?


Some Singaporeans also taking to supermarkets late at night

One thing that’s become clear during the Covid-19 crisis is that panic buying doesn’t only affect Singaporeans.

That said, in spite of numerous assurances that there’ll be enough stocks – provided people don’t overbuy – some Singaporeans were still seen out after midnight following Malaysia’s announcement.


Taking advantage of 24 hour supermarkets, some managed to get a head start.


Others were out and about first thing in the morning.


There really is no need to panic buy

Supermarkets will have enough supplies for the next 2 weeks. The Ministry of Defence of Malaysia was quick to try and dissuade Malaysians from panic buying, as it leaves not enough for those who really need them.


Likewise, Singaporeans have no reason to fear from Malaysia’s lockdown — we get our supplies from across the globe and will not be adversely affected.

We hope that Malaysians and Singaporeans alike can calm down and put those toilet rolls back. After all, cleaning with water is more hygienic and eating Maggi for weeks isn’t exactly healthy.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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