M’sian Man Claims He Was Charged S$3 Extra For Body Odour, Hairdresser Unwilling To Cut His Hair

Aircon Technician Claims Hairdresser Looked Down On Him For Body Odour

Hairdressers often get up close and personal with our crowning glory, so they can do their job adequately and snip our locks according to our liking.

However, one Malaysian aircon technician took to Facebook to share that his hairdresser gave him a disgusted look and complained that he smelled of sweat.

Source: Facebook

He also claimed that the hairdresser was unwilling to cut his hair.

She eventually did but allegedly charged him an extra S$3 (RM10) for the services.

Hairdresser allegedly unwilling to serve man with body odour

On Sunday (23 Oct), the man shared on Facebook that he was an aircon technician and decided to get a haircut after work.

He walked into a hair salon, and the moment he sat down, the hairdresser gave him a look and complained about his sweat smell.

man body odour hairdresser

Source: Facebook

The hairdresser said the smell disgusted her and was stinking up her salon.

He responded by sharing his occupation with her. Working outdoors in the sweltering weather, checking and fixing up air-con units, it was inevitable that he would get sweaty.

The man felt it was unreasonable to expect him to go home, shower, visit the hairdresser, and then take another shower upon returning home.

Following that, the hairdresser allegedly became very unwillingly cut his hair.

Was charged extra S$3 for haircut

When he paid, he realised the hairdresser had charged him an additional S$3 (RM10) for the haircut.

As he walked out, the hairdresser was said to have shouted at another staff to spray the salon with air freshener.

In his Facebook post, the man lamented the incident, saying that being an aircon technician is tough work.

Workers like him climb high and low to ensure people are comfortable in a cooling environment, only to be treated with such disdain.

Netizens say both parties had their reasons for acting the way they did

The Facebook post went viral, garnering over 680 shares and 2,000 comments.

One netizen, who is also a hairdresser, said she would never treat a customer differently because they smelled of sweat and would cut their hair.

man body odour hairdresser

Source: Facebook

However, some hold the opinion that every profession is tough. Knowing he would be sweaty after work, the man should have visited the hair salon on his off day instead.

Source: Facebook

Others felt that both parties had their reasons for acting the way they did. For the hairdresser, she might fear that other customers will be affected by the man’s sweaty odour.

man body odour hairdresser

Source: Facebook

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