M’sian Man Who Allegedly Ate Adopted Puppy Says He Was Joking, Dog Is Still Alive & Well

Malaysian Man Allegedly Joked About Eating Dog, He Wanted To Deter Woman From Giving Puppies Away

Recently, a video of a man in Malaysia claiming to have eaten a dog he adopted went viral, with netizens calling for justice.

M’sian Man Says He Ate Dog Given To Him For Adoption, Rescuer Seeks Justice

Soon after the video went viral for all the wrong reasons, the man clarified that he was, in fact, joking about eating the puppy.

Source: May Ccus on Facebook

He then explained that he only wanted to stop the woman from giving away puppies to complete strangers.

The puppy is still alive and is currently living in a scrap metal factory.

Woman gave puppy to man & left abruptly

According to China Press, the dog is alive and well, contrary to his earlier claims.

Source: China Press

Speaking to the Malaysian news site, the man shared that the puppy, which has since grown into an adult dog, is being cared for by an employee of a scrap metal factory.

Explaining his twisted humour, the man allegedly pulled the joke as he wanted to deter the woman from giving dogs away to strangers.

According to the man, the woman appeared out of nowhere last January and asked if he liked dogs, to which he replied, “Yes”.

Upon hearing this, the woman took a puppy out of a car and left it with him. Without leaving any contact information, the woman left in a hurry, leaving the man stunned.

Feeling angry over the previous encounter, the man apparently pulled the joke to get back at her.

Puppy ran away initially & later found near factory

However, the man told China Press that the dog had run away from home just a day after the woman left it with him.

He claimed that this was due to the dog being unfamiliar with him and the surroundings.

A few weeks later, he found the dog at a nearby scrap metal factory.

Although the dog recognised the man and approached him, he left the puppy there when he saw that it was being cared for.

Eating dog joke was meant to stop woman from dropping puppies off

The man later apologised after reflecting on his words and accepted the flak that came his way.

However, he clarified that he only joked about eating the dog to deter the woman from giving puppies to strangers at will.

He has since faced public scrutiny, with folks even filming him when he walked own dog at night.

Source: China Press

Although apologetic and regretful, he wished there was more initiative from the public to conduct their own investigations than just basing the story on a single testimony.

Always more than one side to a story

As with every such case, there’s always more than one side to the story.

Clearly, the man’s words that went viral merely came from a place of frustration.

Most importantly, the dog is neither dead nor eaten and is hopefully being well taken care of.

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Featured image adapted from China Press & Facebook.

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