S’porean Pushes Elderly Man In Wheelchair Home & Buys Him Groceries, Also Tidies His House

Man Helps Elderly On Wheelchair Buy Groceries & Pushes Him Home

Oftentimes, helping others do not come in the form of grand gestures but simple acts of kindness.

Recently, a man took to TikTok to share his experience of helping out an elderly stranger.


Today I helped him, he helped me instead.

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He bumped into the elderly man in a wheelchair on the way home and decided to assist the man, whom he later found out was mute.

The man brought the elderly to buy some bread and pushed him home, even helping to tidy up his house before leaving.

Before parting ways, the man promised the elderly that he would visit whenever he was free.

Man pushes elderly on wheelchair home

On Tuesday (14 Dec), a man shared his encounter with an elderly man he met on the way home.

According to his TikTok video, the wheelchair-bound man was alone and had difficulty moving in his wheelchair.


After some reflection, the man decided to head back up to the bridge to ask if the senior needed help.

Realising the man was mute, the OP took some time to decipher that the elderly man wanted to buy some bread before heading home.

After purchasing the bread, the OP then pushed the elderly back home.


Upon reaching the elderly man’s house, the OP found out he was actually living alone.


Before leaving, the OP chatted with the man and taught him how to send messages on his phone.

The OP also left his phone number in case the elderly man needed any help in the future.


He even promised that he will come to visit him again when he was free.

The old man was grateful and even gave the OP a few buns as thanks.


Seeing that the elderly man’s house was rather messy, the man then helped to tidy up his hallway before finally leaving.


In the TikTok video, he also says that the elderly man hugged him before he left.

Man gives elderly a surprise visit

True to his word, the OP later shared another TikTok video of him making a surprise visit to the senior.

Before going over, the OP even bought some Milo, pastries, and chicken porridge for him.


In the video, the elderly could be seen smiling widely as he catches sight of him.


The OP shared that the man had even prepared coffee for 2, as if he was expecting a visit.


Noticing the elderly man’s straws were running out during his first visit, the OP came prepared with more and helped to refill them.


He even helped the elderly resident apply medication for his leg.


Elderly has been living alone for many years

Upon chatting more, the OP learnt more about the elderly man and his story.

Apparently, 22 years back, in 1999, the man was hit on the head while asleep alone at home. He was knocked unconscious and robbed of $500.

The incident damaged the left side of his brain and left him paralysed till today.


The elderly resident also added that he previously stayed with 3 migrant workers who left after getting married.

He hopes to find them so he could show his gratitude towards them for years of helping him get by. He wishes to give them some money for their newborn children.

Since then, the man hardly had visitors and oftentimes, had to handle things on his own.


This made him all the more thankful towards the OP for his regular visits.

The man also wanted to give the OP some money to thank him. However, the OP rejected the money, adding that he would bring him out once in a while to memorable places.


Before the OP left, the elderly man gave him a hug, tearing up in the process.

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Kudos to the man for his kindness

Despite not knowing the elderly man, it is touching to see how far the OP would go to help him.

Kudos to the OP for his compassion and thoughtfulness. Hopefully, his attitude will inspire more people to extend the same kindness to others.

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Featured image adapted from fyxxn94 on TikTok

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