Man In China Lives On S$2 A Day In Orange Tent After Quitting Job, Feels At Peace With Life

29-Year-Old Man In China Lives In Orange Tent At Carpark After Becoming Unemployed

After becoming unemployed, a 29-year-old man chose to move out into an orange tent at an abandoned carpark in China.

He has done so for over 200 days since October last year, claiming it to be his choice.

His chosen lifestyle has since sparked debate among netizens, with some criticising his decision and others expressing their respect.

Man lives in orange tent after quitting full-time job

According to Tencent News, Li Shu has been living in an orange tent in an abandoned carpark in Sichuan province since October last year.

Source: Tencent News

A reporter visiting the area noted that a one-metre-high pile of construction waste surrounded Li’s makeshift house, effectively resembling a dump.

Li hung a sign at the front of the tent stating that he was temporarily renting the area.

This pile of things is my home. They’re worthless, and you can’t sell them off. Please do not destroy it.

It further stated that those who wanted him to move should contact his number. “If I offend you, I am very sorry. I will leave,” the sign said.

Speaking to Tencent News, Li shared that his most valuable asset was his 400 yuan (S$76) secondhand tent. Besides that, he owned a cooking stove, an aluminium pot, and two faded clothes.

Source: Tencent News

Now in Chengdu, China, the abandoned carpark is the fifth site he has stayed at, also for the longest.

Resigned from job in 2018

News of Li’s plight first emerged on social media in China, where he would document his living situation.

Source: Tencent News

After resigning from his job at the end of 2018, he chose to remain unemployed after failing to find new work.

This caused his savings to deplete around half a year ago, around the same time Li decided to move into a tent.

Before doing so, he sold his desktop computers and cameras — things he knew he would never use again. This earned him some extra savings of 4,500 yuan (S$863).

In addition, he kept his daily expenditure to a total of 10 yuan (S$2).

This would consist of buying discounted meat from the nearby supermarket or ingredients, such as tofu or mushrooms, from group buying platforms.

With such careful purchases, Li has been able to whip up meals such as beef hot pot, noodles and even dumplings.

Source: Tencent News

However, with limited access to water, Li can only do his laundry and shower once a month.

At peace with current situation

Thus far, Li has turned down offers from friends providing accommodation and financial support.

He explained that his living situation was his choice, and he was at peace with it — especially considering the lack of rental cost pressure.

Li’s story has since gone viral, with many debating over the way he has chosen to live out the rest of his days.

Quite a few users criticised his decision, pointing out that living as a monk would have been better.

However, just as many supported the move, urging others to be more lenient when passing judgement on how some lived their lives.

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Featured image adapted from Tencent News.

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