Man Skis Down Raffles Quay Almost As If He’s In The Swiss Alps

Update (14 May): The police are currently investigating the case, which involves a 28-year-old man, according to a Singapore Police Force (SPF) spokesperson.

The act of pedestrians using “inline or roller skates amidst vehicular traffic” was also described as “dangerous”.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak and the travel restrictions put in place by countries, many of us have had to put aside our travel plans for the time being.

For Singaporeans who had trips to snowy climates, this meant hanging up their winter coats, snow boots and skis, if they had such activities planned.

Yet on Tuesday (5 May), a hilarious video of a man ‘skiing’ along Raffles Quay made its way to the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group.

You can watch the 30-second video in full here.

Man skis in Raffles Quay, near Lau Pa Sat Food Court

According to the time stamp, the video was shot on Tuesday (5 May) at around 5.40pm.

At the start of the video, a man in shorts appears to be moving along the left-most lane of Raffles Quay near the iconic Lau Pa Sat Food Court.


As the vehicle which the videographer sat in moved closer, we could see that the man was wielding what looked like a pair of ski poles.


Based on the footage, it appears that the man was travelling on a roller ski — similar to the conventional ice ski but fitted with wheels.

Here’s what it looks like close up:


At around the 15-second mark, the man apparently propelled himself forward using both poles almost as if he was skiing on the Swiss Alps.


He obviously couldn’t catch up with the vehicles beside him, but still travelled at a decent pace similar to that of a cyclist.

Hope nothing dangerous happened

While the video is no doubt hilarious, we’re not sure of such activities are even allowed on our roads.

MS News has reached out to the Singapore Traffic Police to enquire about the legality the man’s actions and will update this article when we receive more information.

Whatever the case, we hope he did not get into any accident while ‘skiing’ along the road.

Featured image adapted from Facebook