Man Stabs 2 Women To Death In Hong Kong Mall After Buying Knife From Shop There

Man Stabs 2 Women To Death In Hong Kong Mall, Motives Unknown

On 2 Jun, a man stabbed two women to death at Plaza Hollywood mall in Hong Kong.

man stabs hong kong mall

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The 39-year-old suspect had bought a 15-cm knife at the mall shortly before attacking the victims.

Reports state that the women were aged 22 and 26 and were friends.

It is also believed that the man suffers from an unknown mental illness.

Man stabs victim more than 25 times with knife bought from Hong Kong mall

The Straits Times (ST) reported that the man attacked the two women at around 5 pm local Hong Kong time.

Security cameras in the area filmed the brutal scene that followed.

After approaching the women from behind, he repeatedly stabbed one of the women in an attack that lasted nearly a minute.

The other woman attempted to intervene several times but was eventually attacked as well.

One of the women was stabbed more than 25 times, however, nobody came to the pair’s rescue.

Reports state that the women were aged 22 and 26.

They were unconscious en route to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries upon arrival.

CNN also reported that the man had purchased the knife in the mall, shortly before the attack.

CCTV shows man’s bloody murder in broad daylight

According to South China Morning Post, several videos of the incident were shared on social media, showing the man’s attack in full.

In one of the videos, closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows the man approaching the women from behind before brandishing his knife.

Source: Facebook

He then launched the knife into the woman’s back, scattering the onlookers in the mall.

The victim’s friend then tried to get the murderer off the fallen victim, shoving and kicking him.

After finally creating some distance, the woman drags the other victim’s body down the mall aisle as the man follows in pursuit.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get far before the man closed in and continued his onslaught.

Authorities subdue and arrest man in Hong Kong mall

Hong Kong Free Press reported that the police received a report of the incident at around 5.15pm.

The man was subdued when authorities arrived on the scene, equipped with shields and pepper spray.

In a separate video of the operation, the police could be seen dragging him to the floor and handcuffing him.

Source: Facebook

According to a press release by the Hong Kong Police Force, the man has been detained for further enquiries.

At the moment, the Regional Crime Unit of Kowloon East is actively investigating the case.

MS News extends our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and friends in this senseless murder.

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Featured image adapted from The Standard HK & Facebook.

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