Man Continues Washing Car While Police Arrest Someone At HDB Carpark, Truly Minds Own Business

Man Continues Washing Car While Police Arrest Someone At HDB Carpark, Truly Minds Own Business
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Man Keeps Washing Car While Police Arrest Occurs At Sembawang HDB Carpark

What would you do if you found yourself in an awkward situation, such as being in the vicinity of an arrest?

For one man in Sembawang, his answer was to mind his own business and continue doing exactly what he was doing.

Recently, TikTok user @nomoneysniper took to his account to share the moment when police apprehended a man in the parking lot while his brother was washing his car.


i think i’m living in a GTA simulation bc this was so funny #tiktoksg

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Unsure of what else to do, the man simply continued scrubbing the wheels of his vehicle.

Man continues washing car as police arrest someone behind him

In the TikTok video, the OP’s brother sheepishly smiles at the camera before going back to scrubbing his car’s wheels.

It sounds like a normal situation — until you notice what’s going on in the background.

Another man can be seen lying on his belly against the bumper blocks, with both hands behind his back.

Source: @nomoneysniper on TikTok

A police officer stands nearby, watching the culprit with his arms akimbo.

Despite the bizarre sight, the OP’s brother still stole the spotlight in the video.

He stayed focused on his car without sparing a second glance at the commotion behind him.

At one point, he turned around for a split second.

Source: @nomoneysniper on TikTok

However, it was to nonchalantly dip his sponge back into the bucket of water behind him before going back to scrubbing.

Source: @nomoneysniper on TikTok

His sheer dedication to minding his own business was truly admirable.

2 men arrested in carpark for selling e-cigarettes

The carpark in the video resembles the one seen in a police operation from 28 Mar, where officers arrested two men for the suspected distribution of e-cigarettes.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident occurred in a multi-storey carpark at 592 Montreal Link in Sembawang, the same location that the OP gave MS News.

Source: on TikTok

Police apparently questioned five young people, one of whom was a man wearing a black shirt and shorts.

This matches the attire of the man lying on the ground in the OP’s TikTok video.

According to Shin Min Daily News, more than 200 boxes of e-cigarettes, pods, and e-liquid, as well as 20 packages were spread on the ground.

Speaking to MS News, the OP shared that the officer did not say anything to him or his brother. However, the siblings did ask if they could continue washing the car.

The OP also admitted that he and his brother “were quite shaken” as the man who was arrested was driving at high speed inside the carpark with the police on his tail.

Unable to exit the gantry, the culprit finally came out of the vehicle and was promptly handcuffed by the officer.

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Featured image adapted from @nomoneysniper on TikTok.

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