Malaysian Man Swapped His Slippers With Mum’s Heels To Relieve Her Aching Feet In Shopping Mall

“Pain” and “heels” are often synonymous with each other, because of obvious reasons.

Even if the pair of heels doesn’t hurt the balls of your feet, perhaps it could be the insides that scrape our skin. Ouch.

Ladies are presumably familiar with situations like these. For one mother in Malaysia, she encountered the exact same situation.

But thankfully, she was walking alongside her son, who apparently loved her so much that he was willing to take on the pain of the heels and let his mother have his more comfortable slippers.


On Wednesday (5 Jun), Mr Amirul Firdaus Ariffadillah, 23, shared the story on Twitter. The tweet even came with a video of him and his mum Mdm Siti Sarah Mustafa, 47, walking in each other’s shoes, literally.

His tweet reads as:

This is because my mum’s feet hurt after wearing heels. In conclusion, I love my mum. The end.



Mum’s feet started to hurt when walking

According to Malaysian lifestyle portal mStar, Mr Amirul was walking with his mum, dad, older brother and younger sister in Queensbay Mall, Penang, on the first day of Hari Raya.

Mdm Siti’s feet started aching just as soon as they entered the mall because her shoes were brand new. They started to pinch her feet.

Mr Amirul shared,

We wanted to buy new shoes as a replacement, but we didn’t have enough time. My shoe size was the closest match to my mum’s.

That’s when Mr Amirul’s comfortable Nike slippers came in handy.

Slippers in, heels out

Probably taking a page from Nike’s book – “Just do it” – Mr Amirul came to his mum’s rescue.

Being the filial, loving son, he let his mum wear his slippers while he wore her heels. They then took a picture together at the escalator to capture the moment.


There’s even a video. Watch how Mr Amirul casually puts his arm on his mum’s shoulder as he’s walking in heels that are obviously too small for his feet.

“Nah lah, I don’t get to treat her often”

Thumbs up from netizens

Mr Amirul’s tweets quickly drew positive attention from fellow Twitter users. At press time, his original tweet has over 25,000 retweets and 23,000 likes.

Many commended him for his filial deed, saying that this was so cute of him.

Some had cheeky things to say, like this user.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH you should have carried your mum’s handbag as well weh”

 This user had a very important question.

“Hahaa did no one else notice?”

To this, Mr Amirul replied,

“Luckily no bro, otherwise I would’ve been called out then and there”

You go, Mr Amirul!

Love your mums, everyone

All good deeds are bound to be met with kindness, or overwhelming positive response from netizens, in this case.

Mr Amirul shows us all that if you’re willing to help your mum, you’ll do whatever it takes – even if it means walking in heels in public.

Don’t wait till Mother’s Day to shower your mum with love and care. You can do it everyday, anywhere. Just don’t ever leave her behind, that’d be terrible.

Featured image from Twitter and Twitter