M’sian Man Only Realised Mum Wasn’t In The Car After Driving About 200km

Normally, when someone is missing from the car, you’ll quickly realise it — and not after driving for a whole 200km.

This, however, happened to a Malaysian man who was driving back with his wife and mother from Bukit Payong, a town in eastern Malaysia, to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday (8 Jun) morning.

Image: Google Maps

The couple only realised that the man’s elderly mother was not in the car after driving for about 200km.

Stopped at rest stop for wife to pee

The man had stopped by the resting point at Bukit Besi for his wife to take a pee break at 8am on Saturday. The man remained in the car with his 73-year-old mother and took a short nap.

During this time, his mother got off the vehicle and went to the loo as well. The man, having dozed off, did not notice this.

So when his wife returned, they hurriedly drove off, eager to avoid traffic congestion caused by the Hari Raya break.


Realised mom was missing at lunch

After driving for about 200km, the couple decided to stop for their lunch break. Only then did they realise that the man’s mother was not in the car.

Back at the rest stop, the elderly lady had refused to leave, probably thinking her son would quickly turn back to pick her up.

Image: Google Maps

Some time later, patrol officers showed up, heard about what had happened and sent her to the nearest police station.

At about 12.30pm, the couple showed up at the station to pick the elderly lady up.

Passenger-count, please

So please, even if you’re in a hurry, always make sure to double-check that everyone’s in the car. It’s really not that hard.


And you won’t end up wasting time making that long drive back.

The man probably wasted an additional 3 hours or so having to make the turn around. Not to mention how confused and afraid his mother must have felt.

Featured image from Google Maps.