Man Lies Down On Ang Mo Kio Zebra Crossing In Broad Daylight Before Nonchalantly Walking Away

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Man In Ang Mo Kio Spotted Lying Down In The Middle Of Zebra Crossing

Sometimes, we just need a lie-down for a quick energy boost to finish our day. Typically, we would do that at our desks, on couches, or in bed for those working from home.

However, a man in Singapore had a more radical idea of where he can nap – on a zebra crossing. Yes, a pedestrian zebra crossing in the middle of the road.

A driver came across the baffling sight, and uploaded a video of the encounter to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on Friday (24 Mar).

According to the caption of the post, this incident happened somewhere in Ang Mo Kio.

Driver encountered man lying motionless at zebra crossing

The video shows the driver approaching the zebra crossing when they sight the man lying down in the middle of the zebra crossing.

man zebra crossing

Source: Facebook

The man is adorned with a red shirt and a pair of jeans and lying on the ground as buses and other vehicles drive by.

The driver has to stop his car as the man was literally motionless. The sight must have startled the driver, who was probably thinking something happened to the man.

As the video progresses, more cars drive by on the road adjacent to the zebra crossing. Still, the man is not moving.

man zebra crossing

Source: Facebook

But suddenly, the man gets up, and nonchalantly walks away as if nothing happened. He can then be seen walking towards the nearby traffic light before the footage cuts off.

man zebra crossing

Source: Facebook

Netizens confused by the strange incident

Facebook users who came across the video were equally confused by what they saw. Most of them also pointed out how dangerous the man’s actions were.

One user speculated that lying down in the middle of a zebra crossing might be a new TikTok trend.

Source: Facebook

Another Facebook user had a different idea, saying that the driver should have driven as close to the man as possible before honking at him.

Source: Facebook

On the contrary, maybe the man was really just tired and needed a quick nap, another user posited.

Source: Facebook

Whatever the case, it must have been a shocking and bewildering encounter for the driver. While we agree that everyone needs a break when they are tired, the man’s choice of location for his nap is not only inappropriate but dangerous as well.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

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