Mandai Eco-Resort Opening In 2023 Will Have Spaceship Treehouses, Canopy Bridges & Nature Trails

Banyan Tree Mandai Eco-Resort Will Have Treehouses For You To Stay In

Mandai isn’t exactly where you’d imagine going for a nice, peaceful retreat. After all, many associate the area with the zoo, the safari and the crematorium.

But all that is set to change with the opening of Banyan Tree’s first resort in Singapore in 2023.

News of the eco-resort at Mandai actually broke in Oct 2017. But today (23 May), snapshots of what the resort will probably look like were released. These include illustrations of its spaceship-like treehouses, canopy bridges and nature trails.

Image from Mandai Park Holdings

Treehouse, canopy bridges and nature trails

The eco-resort will hold 338 rooms.

Among the rooms are treehouses nestled in the heart of the forest. And you won’t have to worry about insects flying into your face as you sip on your afternoon tea, because there are fine nets cast over the openings.

Image from Mandai Park Holdings

You can also choose to take a short stroll through the rest of the resort on the canopy bridges. With tall trees over your head to provide shade, the heat shouldn’t be a worry.

Image from Mandai Park Holdings

There will also be guided nature walks through the teeming-with-life forest. Just remember to take along some insect repellent, otherwise you may find yourself itchy with bites for the rest of your stay.


Most of the eco-resort will be elevated so as to not disrupt the native wildlife too much.

The resort is part of a greater development of the Mandai area, “A Rejuvenated Mandai”.

From the map below, you’ll see that eco-resort, located at the northern end, will be integrated into the entire Mandai eco-expanse. This will connect it to a host of other attractions like the Night Safari and the Bird Park.


2023 please come faster, so we’ll have a new attraction to visit.

Featured image from Mandai Park Holdings.

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