Marina Barrage & Kallang Wave Mall Added To MOH’s List With 93 Entries Since 25 Jun

Marina Barrage Visited By Covid-19 Cases On 3 Jul

Marina Barrage, Wisma Atria & a popular heartland mall for Easties, Kallang Wave Mall, have been added to a list compiled by Ministry of Health (MOH) in a major update on Thursday (9 Jul).


Over 20 more visits paid by an unstated number of confirmed Covid-19 were added in yesterday’s update.

We summarise other notable & new entries below.

Multiple regular visits to My Kampung at Kallang Wave Mall

An interesting part of Thursday’s (9 Jul) update involves repeat visits paid to My Kampung at Kallang Wave Mall — most of which happen during a 12.30-1pm window, and 5.30-6pm.

  • Kallang Wave Mall – My Kampung
    • Tuesday (30 Jun), 5.25-6.00pm
    • Friday (3 Jul), 12.30-1pm
    • Friday (3 Jul), 5.26-6pm
    • Saturday (4 Jul), 5.25-6pm
    • Sunday (5 Jul), 5.25-6pm
    • Monday (6 Jul), 12.30-1pm
    • Monday (6 Jul), 5.25-6pm
    • Tuesday (7 Jul), 5.25-6pm


Here are other respective mall visits added to MOH’s entries — including Sim Lim Square & Bugis Junction.


  • Jurong Point
    • Sunday (28 Jun), 10.35am-12pm
    • Sunday (28 Jun), 3.20-4.50pm
      • Toast Box
      • COURTS
      • FairPrice Xtra
  • Bugis Junction
    • Sunday (28 Jun), 6-6.30pm
    • Friday (3 Jul), 7.20-10.20pm
  • Sim Lim Square
    • Saturday (4 Jul), 5.50-6.20pm
  • Wisma Atria – Picnic Urban Food Court
    • Saturday (5 Jul), 9.20-10.05pm

Locations of malls are generally spread out across Singapore, with Jurong Point & IMM being in the West, and central malls like Wisma Atria at the heart of town.


Funan Mall, a Woodlands driving centre & Marina Barrage added

A driving centre & places of interest like Marina Barrage were visited by Covid-19 cases over the course of the last 2 weeks as well.


Places of Interest & Driving Centres

  • Decathlon – Viva Business Park
    • Thursday (25 Jun), 12.40-1.20pm
  • Little India Arcade – 48 Serangoon Road
    • Monday (29 Jun), 3.05-3.50pm
  • Westgate – Ma Kuang TCM Medical Centre
    • Tuesday (30 Jun), 7.50-9.45pm
  • Kaki Bukit AutoHub
    • Thursday (2 Jul), 9.25-10.10am
  • Singapore Driving Centre – Woodlands
    • Saturday (5 Jul) – 7.55-10.15am
  • Marina Barrage
    • Friday (3 Jul), 10-10.45pm
  • Funan Mall – Expressions Singapore
    • Saturday (4 Jul), 12.06-1pm

This could be attributed to Phase 2’s permission of social visits in under groups of 5. However, MOH & NEA have stated that there’s no need to avoid these areas as they’ve been sanitised accordingly.

Jollibee outlet & Old Airport hawker centre visited by Covid-19 cases

F&B establishments & supermarkets make for a sizeable part of the update too — including fastfood chains like Novena’s Jollibee outlet, and Old Airport hawker centre.

Food Centres & Cafes

  • Geylang East Market & Food Centre
    • Thursday (25 Jun), 12.10-12.50pm
  • Nouri – 72 Amoy Street
    • Friday (26 Jun), 7.40-11.28pm
  • Jollibee – Novena Square 2
    • Sunday (28 Jun), 7.25-8.05pm
  • Heavenly Wang – Clifford Centre
    • Monday (29 Jun), 1.10-4pm
  • Sedap Coffee Shop – 735 Pasir Ris Street 72
    • Thursday (2 Jul), 12.30-1pm
  • Jalan Batu Hawker Centre
    • Thursday (2 Jul), 5.25-6pm
  • Old Airport Road Food Centre & Shopping Mall
    • Saturday (4 Jul), 11.20am-12pm
  • People’s Park Food Centre
    • Saturday (5 Jul) – 11.45am-12.20pm


  • Sheng Siong Supermarket – 108 McNair Road
    • Tuesday (30 Jun), 7.30-8.05pm
  • FairPrice Hub – 1 Joo Koon Circle
    • Saturday (4 Jul), 7.15-8.15pm

As dine-ins are allowed in Phase 2, patrons are reminded to wear their masks after meals are complete as a precaution.

Visitors should also take previous advisories to avoid peak crowds to heart. We can all try to be efficient with our travels outdoors, only heading out when necessary.

90+ entries on MOH’s list since 25 Jun

The list of entries on MOH’s list denoting the places visited by Covid-19 cases have expanded considerably — with 90+ entries in total since 25 Jun.


This could be chalked up to Singapore’s move to Phase 2, and upcoming Phase 3 regulations.


However, MOH & NEA have stated that there’s no need to avoid these areas as they’ll be properly sanitised and sterilised after declarations.


The reason for listing these places is to facillitate contact tracing efforts. You can view Annex C3 of MOH’s 4.5 page list here in full.

Stay vigilant & monitor your health closely

If you or your loved ones have been in the vicinity of these areas at the similar times, do monitor your health for 14 days from the date of visit.

Respiratory symptoms like runny nose, cough, fever should also be declared to your doctor accordingly.

As Phase 2 goes on, we should continue to stay vigilant and use SafeEntry while observing safe distancing & mask regulations where possible.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps, Google Maps & Google Maps.

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