Marquee Nightclub Guest Allegedly Proclaims He Has NUS Degree During Routine Police Check

Clubber Says He Has NUS Degree In Latest Meme Spin-off Of Terence Siow Molest Case

Terence Siow receiving a light sentence for molest because of his grades continues to be the hot topic of discussion.

Ever since the news came out, countless memes have been generated, all joking that an NUS degree will get you out of trouble with the law.


But the best one yet is perhaps a guest’s reaction to a police check at Marquee Nightclub on Saturday (28 Sep).


Using an NUS degree as potential defence, the clubber indirectly reminded us why the grounds for pardoning Siow for his crimes were rather ridiculous.

Clubber uses NUS degree as safety pass

Security procedures like police checks tend to go without a glitch in Singapore as everyone just wants to get them over and done with.

A guest at Marquee Nightclub in Marina Bay Sands, however, decided to switch things up by making a funny yet timely remark.

During a routine police check on Saturday (28 Sep), the DJ turned the music down to remind everyone to take care of their belongings and respect all female guests.


It was at this very juncture that clubber Mr Tan claimed to have overheard a distinctive scream from the crowd as a random guy exclaims,

I got NUS degree!

If he was speaking on stage, that glorious moment would’ve been worthy of a mic drop.


Good grades to justify lenient sentence is a joke

The clubber’s joke aptly expresses our sentiment about this controversial matter – that no minor reason, especially not good grades, should excuse a crime.

Thousands of Singaporeans have signed the petition to “take a stand against favouritism for sex offenders”, a clear sign that our stance towards this matter requires urgent review.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam’s surprised reaction to the court’s verdict further emphasises the urgency.

All jokes aside, let’s hope that positive and permanent change will come into effect in light of the latest in a series of outrage of modesty cases in Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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