Maybank Tower Has Social Distancing Measures That Make Users Look Like They’re Doing Standby Lift

Maybank Tower Users Made To Stand In Boxes Facing The Wall, Harking Back To NSF’s Worst Nightmare

Ask any SAF NSF or regular about standby bed, area, universe, or any other creative iteration and chances are you will get an instant barrage of stories detailing the tortures of the practice that drive many up the wall.


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations have also stepped up their social distancing measures.

Yet Maybank Tower, located in the CBD, recently introduced new Covid-19 measures that bear an uncanny resemblance to the dreaded in-camp practice.


Maybank Tower lift notice shows boxes drawn out with arrows facing different directions

On Thursday (19 Mar), Reddit user u/twanniewan shared on the Singapore subreddit a notice placed in the lifts of the Maybank Tower.


In the notice, an image showed 9 equal boxes on the floor, each with arrows facing different directions. An adjacent image showed what it would look like filled with lift passengers.


People taking the lifts are “encouraged” to follow the given floor markings when sharing the elevator with others.

Gave redditors a feeling of déjà vu

The images in the Maybank lift instantly gave some redditors a feeling of déjà vu.

Many joked that it reminded them of army lingos like “senang diri” and “keluar baris” – – commands for standing at ease and falling out respectively.

One user even joked that the 2 standing in the middle of the lift were the Officer Commanding (OC) and Company Sergeant Major (CSM).


Thailand hospital also introduced similar measures

Turns out, Maybank Tower isn’t the only building to implement such a practice. Similar measures were also seen 1,635km away in a hospital in Thailand.


Although we aren’t sure who the OG implementors were, we love the fact that nations seem to be learning from each other when it comes to anti-coronavirus measures — somewhat like our inter-military bilateral exercises.

With people of both nations in senang diri and sedia positions, we guess you could say it was like Exercise Kocha Singa — health edition.


Social distance is key amid Covid-19 outbreak

Kudos to the folks at Maybank Tower for coming up with such innovative measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

After all, social distancing might just be what we need to keblakang pusing (about turn) and dari kiri cepat henti (by the left, quick run) away from Covid-19.

That said, do you think such measures are a tad bit “too far“? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Facebook

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