Guy Allegedly Drops IC Into MBS Whirlpool, Boldly Climbs In & Retrieves It

Man Climbs Into MBS Whirlpool To Retrieve His IC

When we drop something into an unretrievable spot, most of us would probably let the item go because it could be risky to salvage it.

However, a recent video of a man at Marina Bay Sands shows us the lengths that people would go to just to get his lost valuable back.

Recently, SgfollowsAll uploaded a video that showed a man who climbed into the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) whirlpool. Upon closer look, it turns out that he was actually trying to retrieve his identification card (IC) that had dropped in.


Thankfully, it did not seem like he was hurt in the dangerous process of doing so.

Man allegedly drops IC into MBS whirlpool

A man was recently filmed climbing into the Rain Oculus whirlpool in Marina Bay Sands. He allegedly did so after accidentally dropping his IC into the water feature.

The video was posted on Monday (9 Aug) night, though it is unclear when the incident occurred. Since the video posted only captured the incident halfway, it is unsure how he had climbed in.

Footage showed the man trying to climb out of the whirlpool after successfully ‘rescuing’ his IC. However, as the whirlpool structure is made of glass, the man looked as if he had difficulty getting out.


The man turned around after the people behind the camera shouted, “Bro, jump inside, bro,” and started laughing.


Though embarrassed, he still had to figure out a way to get out. However, the video ended.

Dangerous to climb into MBS Whirlpool

The MBS Rain Oculus whirlpool was created by artist and sculptor Ned Kahn and architect Moshe Safdie. It is not only a rain collector but also a skylight feature.


The whirlpool will be switched on and off several times per day to flush rainwater into a downward vortex and the atrium at the bottom.


Thankfully, the whirlpool was switched off when the man climbed in. Otherwise, it could have been perilous for him, and he could be seriously hurt.

However, he is not the first person to attempt this dangerous feat. Another man had also climbed into the Rain Oculus back in 2013. Unfortunately, he was not as lucky as he slipped, resulting in a head injury.

We’ve reached out to Marina Bay Sands for comment on the incident.

Call relevant authorities for help if you lose something

While we understand the consequences of losing one’s IC, it is not worth putting your life in danger to retrieve it.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, a better option would be to call for help or get a replacement.

Hopefully, the man managed to escape unscathed and will learn to take proper care of his IC from now on.

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Featured image adapted from Sgfollowsall.

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