Pics Of MBS’ Skinny Dipping Boy From 2014 Resurface Online, Reminds Us Of YOLO Spirit We’ve Forgotten

Photos Of Skinny Dipping Boy From 2014 Reposted On Facebook, Gain Over 2,400 Shares

Lana Del Rey once said, “Live fast. Die young. Be Wild. Have fun.”

Now that everyone’s cooped up at home due to Stay-Home Notices and work-from-home business continuity plans, we’re not living fast, being wild, or having fun.

Hopefully, we won’t die young either.

We’re certain many of you are itching to go out and live your best life, coronavirus or no coronavirus. But we all know that actually living out those crazy, fun, large-group-activity dreams is totally unrealistic — not to mention unsafe — given the current gravity of the Covid-19 situation.

While we can’t actually do whatever we want, we can use the Internet to live vicariously through others who can — or did.

Thus, On Monday (16 Mar), pictures of a boy skinny dipping in the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) gondola canal improbably resurfaced on Facebook, in a post that garnered over 2,400 shares.


Skinny dipping incident took place more than 5 years ago

Here’s the thing — this incident actually took place more than 5 years ago, on Dec 31, 2014.

But it seems like netizens are going wild for the skinny dipping boy again.

Read on for more about his historic antics that have made their mark even in a new decade.

Boy spent about 10 minutes in water

The legendary skinny dipper from 2014 was a Caucasian boy, reportedly aged 10 at the time.

According to reports from 2015, he stripped butt naked and danced by the fountain before taking a dip at about 10pm.


He swam in the water for about 10 minutes, and even climbed a circular structure, reported AsiaOne.

Perhaps it was a premature New Year’s celebration?

Security officers took him out of water, parents nowhere in sight

An eyewitness told AsiaOne that the boy initially did not leave the water body even after security officers signalled for him to do so.

The security officers had to enter the water to bring him out, and clothed him. He did not put up any resistance.


Apparently, his parents were nowhere to be seen.

Netizens leave plenty of comments on naked antics

Whatever the cause of the incident, it definitely prompted much comments from netizens who are probably bored of being isolated at home.

While the original poster’s comments weren’t the kindest, others tried to be understanding.

Some of them joked that he’d lost all his money — and his clothes — at the MBS casino.


Others poked fun at Singapore’s always-scorching weather.


One netizen commented that the boy was probably disabled, as no normal person would do this.

Harking back to more carefree days

Whatever the case, the comments largely celebrated the memorable scene from what seems to be a bygone era of 5 years ago — when everything seemed so different, and people could gather in groups without fear.

It definitely brought netizens some joy and laughter amid the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation.

When we get through this tough spot, we too, will be able to live our best lives like this boy.

We’ll probably do it with more clothes on, and in a more appropriate place, but with the same YOLO (You Only Live Once) spirit.

Featured image adapted from Redwire Times and Facebook

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