McDonald’s ‘Big Thanks’ Initiative Lets Customers Show Appreciation For Healthcare & Frontline Workers

McDonald’s is letting us feel a little less guilty about indulging in a big fat juicy burger.

From now till 5 Aug, they’ll be donating a complimentary ‘Big Thanks Burger’ to a frontline hero for every Big Mac purchased.


McDonald’s is also encouraging people to pen down their message of gratitude to these frontliners as part of this initiative.

Complimentary burger donation with every ‘Big Thanks Burger’

These burgers will go to all the heroes who are continuously fighting the Covid-19 pandemic — not just our healthcare workers, but also cleaners and administrative staff.

This nationwide initiative which will go on from now till 5 Aug is an opportunity for us to do what little we can to show our appreciation for their tireless work in fighting the Covid-19 battle.

The community cheers and applause may be over, but their fight goes on, and so should our support for them.

Share your appreciation with burgers

To extend our sincere appreciation, McDonald’s is encouraging the public to pen their heartfelt messages to the workers.

All they have to do is take a picture of the special ‘Big Thanks Burger’ box, type a caption and post it on social media platforms like Instagram, with the tags @mcdsg and #mcdbigthanks.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s

A message of appreciation can certainly go a long way in this long and draining battle.

McDonald’s aims to donate 25,000 ‘Big Thanks Burgers’

McDonald’s aims to donate over 25,000 ‘Big Thanks Burgers’ to our healthcare and frontline workers.


Some of the organisations they will be giving the burgers to include National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and SCDF Emergency Medical Services.

Show your gratitude to healthcare & frontline workers

While many of us get to work from home, healthcare and frontline workers fight a daily battle. They are constantly putting themselves on the line in this long and tiring war with Covid-19.

These noble workers have been working tirelessly to ensure everyone – whether with Covid-19 or otherwise – are well taken care of both physically and mentally.

They are our most important resource at a time like this and their commitment and contributions should be recognised.

While this is just a small gesture of thanks, we have to remember to continue to show them our appreciation and help in any way we can on a daily basis.

Featured image courtesy of McDonald’s and adapted from Eat This, Not That.