EXPO Patients Dance With Healthcare Workers In Adorable Video, Lifting Spirits Amid Isolation

EXPO Covid-19 Patients & Healthcare Workers Cheer Each Other Up With Fun Mass Dance

For the thousands of migrant workers who have been infected with Covid-19, it may be a terrifying time.

Even if they show mild or no symptoms at all, being isolated with many other patients in a care facility like Singapore EXPO doesn’t sound like fun.

Well, it turns out that the patients, as well as the healthcare staff who are nobly taking care of them, aren’t letting the situation become all doom and gloom.


EXPO healthcare worker leads patients in dance workout

If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the sight of a healthcare worker, clad head-to-toe in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), leading a large group of patients in a dance workout.

A netizen shared the video on Facebook today (13 May), amusing many people who might be feeling down amid the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

From the surroundings, as well as the distinctive ceiling design, we gather it was taken at the Singapore EXPO, which is now serving as an isolation facility Covid-19 patients.


Watch the full video here to have some sense of their refreshing enthusiasm.

Outlandish moves prompt much hilarity

During the dance, much laughter erupted all around, possibly because of the outlandish moves of the healthcare worker leading the routine.


While it may not be the Macarena or Para Para Sakura, her moves had their own charm anyway.

That’s because it wasn’t the moves that mattered, but that everyone was having fun and getting a bit of exercise in the process.


Other heathcare workers cheer them on

From the video, we can see that the migrant workers aren’t the only ones having fun.

The other healthcare workers looking on are also amused by the scene, and cheering them on.

Most of the other healthcare workers also joined in, mirroring the moves almost to a tee.


At one point, someone in the video even remarks that the migrant workers seem to be “all very happy”.


At the end of the workout, the healthcare workers break into a round of applause, and the same voice praises them, saying “well done”.


Lifting spirits essential amid tough times

The netizen who posted the video speculated that the “positive signs” may be due to the expectation that 20,000 workers will be discharged from facilities by the end of May.

Although being infected with Covid-19 is no laughing matter, sometimes it’s good to lift one’s spirits amid these difficult times by doing something light-hearted.

So it’s good to see that the people at Singapore EXPO are doing just that — higher morale will definitely help in fighting and beating Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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