McDonald’s M’sia Stepping Up Their Game With New Food & Desserts

If you’re feeling bored this holiday season, you can consider a trip to Malaysia.

Because McDonald’s Malaysia now has a series of unique food and desserts you shouldn’t miss out on. McDonald’s Malaysia recently rolled out interesting desserts like a Cookies & Cream Pie, as well as a Nestum McFlurry. Without further ado, let’s dig in!


1. Cookies & Cream pie

One thing McDonald’s is known for is their variety of pie flavours — kaya, chicken, choco-banana, and the list goes on.

However, for those looking to treating yourself to something sweet, this new Cookies & Cream pie may just be what you need.


Made with Oreo cookies and a crispy chocolate crust, this new pie flavour sure sounds enticing.

2. Nestum McFlurry

If the name Nestum doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a cereal drink that’s popular as a relatively quick and healthy snack.

Now, McDonald’s Malaysia have them in McFlurry form.


The Nestum McFlurry, as its name suggests, is a combination of the Nestum cereal drink and ice cream. That way, you finally have an excuse to eat ice cream while you’re on a diet.

If you prefer something a tad bit sweeter, you can consider going for the Nestum Chocolate McFlurry. It’s basically the same thing, but this time, with added chocolate bits.

3. Five different McDip flavours

As if that isn’t sweet enough, McDonald’s Malaysia also introduced 4 new McDip flavours, to complement their standard chocolate.


The new flavours are:

  • Taro
  • Caramel
  • Matcha
  • Mango

4. Scrambled egg burger

Sweet treats aside, if you miss starting every day with a good piece of scrambled egg burger, you can have them again in Malaysia.

Now that the scrambled egg burgers are no longer available in Singapore, this is the only way we can reunite with them. In fact, the Scrambled Egg burgers in Malaysia are even more atas — they come with either a crispy chicken or chicken sausage topping.

Time to head to Malaysia!

With all these new dishes available, it sure calls for a trip down to Malaysia.

So to help your planning a little, here are the full list of McDonald’s Malaysia stores.

Will you be making a trip down? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Instagram and Facebook