Lady Actually Pays Cab Fare With My Melody Cup Holder

What happens when at the end of the cab ride, you realise you don’t have any money on you?

If your house is near, maybe you could scoot up and fetch some cash. Otherwise, you’ll have to improvise.

For one passenger, she knew she was holding something of value – a My Melody Cup Holder from McDonald’s – and offered precisely that as payment.


In case you missed the news, the cute pink-coloured cup holders are this week’s craze — or at least for those who spent hours queuing up for the limited edition holder.

The driver wrote about the odd form of payment in a Facebook post. He had initially thought that the lady was a “(fare) evader”. But in the end, he accepted the cup holder, with the lady assuring him that it would be worth double the fare amount.


My Melody cup holders

True to her word, the cup holders are now selling on Carousell for between roughly $20 to $30.


With so many people queuing for it from as early as 4am yesterday, it’s no surprise that the cup holders are already sold out at McDonald’s.

And the fast-food chain has reportedly no plans of bringing in further stock. This means the only way to get them would be to pay about $20 on Carousell.

Triple the profit

The lady’s cab fare had amounted to $6.90.

So even if the driver puts it up on Carousell for the minimum $20, he’d make close to 3 times of what he was supposed to.

And if he’s lucky, the prices may just rise in the near future, as has happened with some McDonald’s limited edition collectibles.

Just sometimes, the form of payment works in your favour.

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Featured image from CityCab & Great Deals.