2 Men Fight Outside Great World Shopping Mall, Police Arrest Them For Affray

Fight Breaks Out Between Two Men Outside Great World Shopping Mall

UPDATE (5.44pm): According to CNA, two men have been arrested for affray after police were alerted to the incident. Investigations are ongoing.

On crowded weekends, it’s easy to bump into others in a packed mall.

While this typically entails a muttered apology or enduring a quick glare, one man took it to the next level by asking the other guy to step out for a fight.

A video on Facebook shows the two of them exchanging blows at the entrance of Great World shopping mall.

After tussling for a bit, the fight eventually stopped after passers-by stepped in to help break them up.

Two men fight at Great World shopping mall

On Sunday (5 Jun), a Facebook user shared a video of two men fighting outside Great World shopping mall, formerly known as Great World City.

In his caption, he wrote that the local man had purposely knocked into the Caucasian and asked the latter to step outside for a brawl.

We’re pretty sure the local guy came to regret this very quickly.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

The clip, which lasts for 26 seconds, starts with the fight already in full swing.

At the start of the video, the Caucasian man delivers a powerful kick to the other man’s torso. Pinning him to the wall, he then lands a flurry of punches on the local man’s head.

As this happens, a couple walking by pauses to watch them warily, seemingly shocked to witness such a violent altercation.

Soon after, the local man falls to the ground, but the Caucasian does not show mercy, continuing to rain blows down on him.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

The couple then walks into the mall while keeping their eyes trained on the brawl.

Passers-by shout at them to stop fighting

The fight continues to go on, with the Caucasian man dominating.

Although the local man eventually manages to get back on his feet, he once again falls to the ground after another powerful blow by the Caucasian man.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

The Caucasian man then delivers kicks to the other guy’s face and body.

men fight great world

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

Towards the end of the video, shouts can be heard from passers-by yelling for them to stop.

The reflection in a nearby glass wall suggests that the voices are coming from the same couple – a lady in a pink top and a man in a black polo – who previously walked by.

Netizens say Caucasian man looks well-trained

The video of the fight later went viral, garnering over 5,000 shares in less than a day.

Many commented that the Caucasian man seemed to be well-trained in fighting, judging from his moves.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

Some even remarked that it almost looked like a proper mixed martial arts (MMA) fight… except the local guy was clearly losing.

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

This netizen added that it was a good thing someone stopped the fight, or the local man could have been killed from the brutal blows.

men fight great world

Source: Patrick Tan on Facebook

Glad passers-by stopped fight

The fight had allegedly started with the local man bumping into the Caucasian man in the mall.

In such situations, it’s best to take the high road and apologise instead of escalating things into an unnecessary brawl.

At the end of the day, we’re glad the passers-by decided to step in to stop the clash.

Hopefully, the local man was not too badly hurt from the encounter. Perhaps he has learned a valuable lesson about starting fights and simply inviting strangers to spontaneous boxing matches.

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Featured image adapted from Patrick Tan on Facebook.

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