MFA Warns Of Phone Scam That Disguises Caller ID As MFA Hotline

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Warns Against A New Type Of Scam Call

As technology advances, scammers are also finding new ways to cheat you.

In a Facebook post yesterday (18 Jun), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) warned of a new type of scam call that disguises the scammer’s caller ID as its hotline.

‘Spoofing technology’ used for call scam

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from MFA, you may be a victim a new type of scam.

MFA received 3 tip-offs from the public about suspicious calls from their hotline yesterday.

In the call, they were told to access a website to transfer money. Though suspicious, victims may fall prey to the scam after seeing the caller ID as belonging to MFA’s real hotline — 6379 8000.

In light of the scams, MFA clarified that this can be done by scammers using ‘spoofing technology’. Essentially, they could mimic anyone’s caller ID. Even the president of Singapore — that is if you have her number.

Please transfer me your money

Don’t reveal anything in calls

To deal with the new type of scam call, MFA advises the public to take precautions,

  1. Don’t send money to the caller
  2. Don’t provide personal information to the caller
  3. Hang up immediately then call MFA at 6379 8000 again to verify

Basically, just be kiasu with your money and information and you should be fine.


If you receive a suspicious call, you can submit a report online or call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000.

Or if you’re just really bored, why not play pretend along with the scammer?

Featured image from YouTube and Facebook.

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