S’pore Couple’s 3-Room HDB Flat Also Doubles As Their Office

CNY is just around the corner and almost everyone is done clearing the accumulated clutter in their homes.

For one Singaporean couple named Glo and HL, there’s absolutely no need for spring cleaning — their three-room HDB flat is kept simple and clean all year round.


They did a house tour of their minimalist home cum office that’s not only beautifully furnished but so neat that it’ll make Marie Kondo proud.


Minimalistic 3-room HDB flat has no tv or sofa

The couple’s minimalistic abode also gives them space for bean bags, a portable projector, and low desks, minus the traditional furniture like sofas and televisions.


Their home is easy to manage and promotes a minimalistic lifestyle.

For most Singaporeans, the absence of a sofa or working television might be a foreign concept, but Glo and HL make it attractive.

While maintaining an abundance of space, the couple also incorporated exercise hoops, an open kitchen, and bean bags into their house design.


This gives room for a more active and comfortable lifestyle.


With smart storage spaces on utility shelves and underneath their low bed, Glo and HL are able to upkeep the neatness of their 3-room HDB flat throughout the entire year.


Prepares their meal daily in their user-friendly kitchen

The neat 3-room HDB also has a user-friendly kitchen where Glo and HL prepare their daily meals.


Their pegboard wall not only optimises the limited space in the kitchen but also serves as a beautifying feature.


Couple is also an advocate of conscious living

The minimalistic house doubles as an office for the couple’s company – Thoughtworthyco – which vision matches the flat’s design,

A minimalistic approach to taking care of the body, mind & planet earth.

They also upload videos on YouTube regularly and have an e-store selling clothes for those big on the minimalistic movement.


Accumulating good habits with unique design of 3-room HDB flat

Instead of conventional office tables, Glo and HL have 2 ‘lower’ ones which allow them to sit on the floor for most of their working hours.


While this might seem uncomfortable, they do not get pins and needles from sitting in a cross-legged position all day.

In fact, this preference stems from the idea that sitting on the ground can make one stronger — and they have already developed 101 ways to do so.


Hope this minimalistic 3-room flat inspires others who have longed for a minimalistic flat

If you’ve long wanted a minimalistic design for your HDB flat, we hope Glo and HL’s minimalistic house has provided you with some viable inspirations.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram