Tan Chuan-Jin Becomes Chai Chee’s Marie Kondo For A Day On 14 Sep

Famous Japanese consultant Marie Kondo’s decluttering methods took the world by storm as chants of “Does it spark joy?” echo in every Netflix viewer’s home.

Now Singaporean politicians are following in her footsteps, particularly MP for Kembangan-Chai Chee, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.


The PAP MP volunteered to help residents of rental flats in his ward on Saturday (14 Sep), cleaning their homes and chatting with them.

Tan Chuan-Jin joins volunteers in Kembangan-Chai Chee

The only time we receive politicians as guests at our homes are during the occasional house visits. But imagine if your MP knocks on your door with an offer to clean your house for you.

MP for Kembangan-Chai Chee, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, joined volunteers on his ward’s One Community Day yesterday to help the less fortunate living in the area.


Volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of age, race or religion, gathered to distribute the heaps of non-perishable food items available.


Besides food donations, they also provided cleaning services, especially to residents with cluttered homes.

Cluttered flats receive Marie Kondo treatment

Among the many HDB flats and residents he visited, Mr Tan shared his encounter with two, whose stories struck him most.

One of them, Mr Teng, lives alone in a 1-room rental flat, and gets by solely on public assistance as a mental health issue prevents him from working.


But Mr Teng doesn’t let his condition deter him as he volunteers at several churches in Singapore a few times a week.

While his home appears relatively clean, Mr Tan shares that residents like Mr Teng who have mental or mobility issues often need help to upkeep their flats. In order to help them, he encourages Singaporeans to reach out to these residents and get in touch with the GRCs to seek assistance.

Likewise for an aunty who lives in a cluttered rental flat, Mr Tan explained that volunteers only had the chance to clean up after she granted them permission to.


Mr Tan hence appeals to Singaporeans to talk to these residents first and learn about their situations before sharing their predicaments with the public. They may not like any unexpected attention, so there’s a need to respect their privacy.

Helping the needy is a continuous effort

At the core of this communal event, Mr Tan emphasises the importance of consistent and committed effort. While residents may face similar problems, the causes may vary and so do the types of help needed.


He acknowledges Singaporeans’ goodwill, but hopes that more dedicated support can be given to those in need.


We hope the stories Mr Tan Chuan-Jin has shared will enlighten Singaporeans on the right ways to help the needy, so that appropriate assistance can be rendered accordingly.

Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.