Minions Village Is The Best Hotel For Families This School Holiday

Minions Galore At This Holiday Destination

Remember the time your whole family was obsessed with Minions?

This coming school holiday, you’ll get the chance to relive your obsession and see larger than life Minions at Ấp Ða Lợi, Vietnam.


The town’s Minions Village is an adorable homestay situated amid mountain ranges and lush greenery.


Here’s what you can expect from this unique destination:

Ginormous Minions wonderland

Of course, the main highlight of the homestay is the ginormous Minions.


You might have fallen in love with Minions because they’re small and tiny, but this destination proves that bigger things will make you happier.


They’re literally huggable, but remember that this version isn’t soft.


Lush green gardens & landscapes

If you’re dreaming of lush landscapes and afternoons spent outdoors, then look no further. At S$25 per night, you’ll be surrounded by exquisitely landscaped gardens.


Since Ấp Ða Lợi is a hilly region, you’ll need to walk quite a bit to get to your destination. After all, nothing good ever comes easy.


The climb is completely worth it once you see the gorgeous gardens at the top.

The best part? The property has a bunch of terraces where you can enjoy breathtaking views with your friends and family.


It’s definitely a sight to see in the day, but it gets even better at night. The lanterns gloriously illuminate the garden, which helps create a romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for twilight celebrations.


Minion wardrobes & comfy rooms

The Minions aren’t just on the outside of the homestay, they’re inside too. You can place your clothes and other essentials in their Minion-themed wardrobes.


Ultimately, a homestay is a place for you to vacay and take a break from the stress of the city and their rooms are perfect for this.

The bedrooms walls are inspired by city scenes. The artistic and simple set-up will undoubtedly make your friends and family want to stay for a very long time.


What if you want to be a couch potato? You can binge watch your favorite Netflix shows on a flat-screen TV on the shared lounge area. The homestay also offers free WiFi.


Getting there

Here’s how to get to this Minion wonderland.

You can book a flight from Singapore to Lien Khuong Airport on Jetstar Airways. From there, take a 45-minute taxi ride.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay and grab your passports.

At S$25 per night, this Insta-worthy holiday destination will help you feel relaxed without breaking the bank.

Only this time, you get to enjoy it with ginormous Minions.

See you there!

Location: 142 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Ấp Ða Lợi, Vietnam
Website:  Minions Village

Featured image from Facebook 

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