6 Patriotic Moe Kasim Dresses Made Prior To His Trump-Kim Summit Gown

Moe Kasim Features Singaporean Culture And Landmarks In His Dresses

Unless you’re been living under a rock, you’d have seen photos of Miss Singapore in the wacky Trump-Kim summit inspired gown.

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The man behind it? Mr Moe Kasim, a self-trained local designer who helms his own creative firm, Moephosis Concepts.

But if you’ve followed him across the years, his latest design shouldn’t come as a shock.

Here are 6 wacky, yet patriotic dress designs that came before the viral Trump-Kim summit gown.

1. Turquoise floral gown (2017)

Just last year, the then 47-year-old designed this peony-embroidered turquoise dress for Ms Kylie Yeo during the 2017 Miss International beauty pageant.

Submitted by Ms Kylie Yeo

Finished with a golden phoenix headpiece, this gown exudes class and reminds us of Eleanor Young from Crazy Rich Asians.

2. Peranakan dress (2017)

Earlier that year, Mr Kasim designed a pink Peranakan dress for Ms Cheryl Chou — Miss Universe Singapore 2016.


This complex piece took Mr Kasim 5 months to complete, but he admitted that it was all worth it when Ms Chow took the stage.

3. Princess warrior costume (2016)

Mr Kasim broke beauty pageant stereotypes with this princess warrior costume.


Worn by Miss Singapore Supranational 2016, this gown makes any wearer look like a fire mage straight out of a fantasy MMORPG game.

4.  Racially encompassing dress (2017)

In 2017, Mr Kasim paid tribute to Singapore’s multi-racial society by creating a dress that includes elements from all ethnicities in Singapore.


The outer coat’s silhouette resembles a Peranakan/Malay kebaya,with Indian peacock motifs. Meanwhile, the gold-on-red embroidery adds a Chinese touch to the gown.

5. Sunny island dress (2018)

Inspired by the crescent and 5 stars on our Singapore flag, Mr Kasim designed this dazzling dress named “Sunny Island” for Miss Singapore International 2018, Ms Eileen Feng.


The simple yet elegant design is a reflection of Singapore’s industrious society, which has come a long way since independence.

6. Merlion-themed dress (2018)

By now, it should be more than obvious that Mr Kasim loves to showcase Singapore through his designs.

But if you’re not convinced, here’s undeniable proof. Check out this Merlion-inspired dress constructed exclusively for Miss Singapore Supranational 2018:


From the scaly torso to the Merlion heads on the shoulders, this dress scores 10/10 just for its details.

In the designer’s own words,

This dress is 100% handmade with love, dedication and passion…down to each Merlion scale and glitter!

A patriotic man deserving of praise

Mr Kasim’s dresses may or may not be to your fancy, but at the end of the day, one thing’s for sure — he is a proud Singaporean who’s keen on showing off his country to the world.

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Featured image from Instagram and The New Paper

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