17-Year-Old Allegedly Molests Girl At Yishun HDB Lift Lobby, Police Arrive To Investigate

17-Year-Old Allegedly Attempts To Molest Girl At Yishun HDB On 19 Mar

Waiting at the lift lobby for an elevator is normally a brief, mundane part of everyday life. Once in a blue moon, we may encounter something out of the ordinary, like a cat taking a lift to go up.

However, on Saturday (19 Mar) morning, a 15-year-old girl was reportedly molested by another teen when she was waiting for the lift at an HDB block in Yishun.


Thankfully, she could defend herself and screamed as she tried to break free from him.

The 17-year-old boy let the girl go and fled the scene as attention was drawn to them.

Teen boy reportedly grabs girl from behind at Yishun HDB

At around 11am on Saturday (19 Mar), the 15-year-old girl was on her way home. She arrived at Block 263 Yishun Street 22 and waited for the lift.

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Suddenly, the teen boy grabbed her shirt collar from behind. The girl was startled and immediately turned around.

Shin Min Daily News reported that she fought back hard while screaming at the top of her lungs.

At first, the boy held on, but as he struggled and realised that the scene was drawing the attention of passers-by, he gave up.

The teenager then turned on his heels and fled.

Police officers arrive to investigate

Following the incident, residents spotted several police officers investigating at the scene.

According to Shin Min Daily News, at least 4 police cars and about 6 to 7 police officers were at the Yishun block.

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A plainclothes female officer walked with a young girl, talking for about 5 minutes near the ground floor lift lobby.

Speaking to reporters, the 15-year-old girl’s father said he has another 19-year-old daughter at home.

He taught both his daughters to practise martial arts, and they would not let boys mess around with them.

Shin Min Daily News also reported on their Facebook page that the alleged molester was found to be a 17-year-old boy.

Hope suspect can be brought in to assist with investigations soon

The young girl must have been frightened to experience such an incident in broad daylight.

We’re glad the brave 15-year-old fought back and eventually won against the perpetrator.

Hopefully, the police will be able to apprehend the teenage boy and bring him to justice so such an incident will not reoccur.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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