S’pore Influencer Mongabong Shares Post-Pregnancy Pics Showing Off Slim Bod, Slammed For Unrealistic Portrayal

S’pore Influencer Mongabong Shares Post-Pregnancy Photos With Makeup & Slim Body, Slammed For Unrealistic Portrayal

Singapore Influencer Mongabong Riles Netizens Up With Pic Of Post-Pregnancy Bod

On Christmas Day last year, Singapore influencer Mongchin Yeoh, aka Mongabong, and her husband welcomed their first child.

mongabong post-pregnancy

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

Since then, as content creators like her are wont to do, she’s been dutifully documenting her journey as a new mum. But not all of her updates have garnered positive responses.

After getting called out for “painting an extremely unrealistic picture” for other mothers by looking all glossy and dolled up in her post-delivery photos, Ms Yeoh has riled up some netizens again for the same reason thanks to a shot of her figure.

The 29-year-old later removed the post and apologised.

Mongabong posts picture of her post-pregnancy body after 7 days

It’s completely normal for a woman’s body to change during pregnancy and after childbirth.

However, it appears Ms Yeoh was confident enough to flaunt her figure in a crop top and yoga pants just seven days postpartum.

mongabong post-pregnancy

Source: @mongabong on Instagram via Sin Chew Daily

The seemingly casual mirror selfie apparently struck a nerve with a number of internet denizens.

A user pointed out that many women experience postpartum depression, so the last thing they’d want to see is someone showing off her trim tummy so soon after giving birth.

Several added that not everyone is as fortunate as Ms Yeoh to have so much extra help and sponsorships to help them revert to their pre-baby state.

She removes picture & apologises

Upon getting wind of the fault-finding feedback, Ms Yeoh took down the pic and gave a lengthy apology.

She admitted that sharing the shot was “very insensitive” of her. She also understands how it could’ve given off “unrealistic expectations of how a woman’s body should bounce back”.

“It was never my intention to do so,” she shared.

Source: @mongabong on Instagram via Sin Chew Daily

While part of her job requires her to constantly take photos of her progress to determine if a certain product or service is effective before recommending it to her followers, Ms Yeoh said this time, “it’s no excuse”.

It was truly mindless of me and I want to apologise for it.

She then acknowledged her privilege, reminded everyone to be kind to themselves and others, and invited anyone who needed a listening ear to drop her a DM.

Previously called out for heavy makeup after giving birth

That wasn’t the first time Ms Yeoh incurred the wrath of a handful of online folk since becoming a mum.

On 28 Dec last year, she shared a lovely photo of herself cradling her newborn son, along with a detailed account of her labour process.

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

Among the flood of supportive and congratulatory messages were a few that were fixated on her full face of makeup.

One of them certainly didn’t mince their words.

They accused Ms Yeoh of “painting an extremely unrealistic picture” for other mothers and mothers-to-be” with her “full makeup throughout labour”.

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

The user also pointed out the influencer’s fully sponsored products and her “super luxurious” confinement stay, which most people can’t afford.

In her reply to a comment asking how she had time to apply makeup whilst in labour, Ms Yeoh quipped that she had “lots of time” to do so between 6am and 9am.

Source: @mongabong on Instagram

According to her post, this was the time between her noticing some spotting – a sign her body was preparing for labour – and arriving at the hospital.

We suppose if we had almost 300,000 followers on Instagram, we’d want to look our best for every photo too.

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Featured image adapted from @mongabong on Instagram and via Sin Chew Daily.

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