Super Thicc Monitor Lizard Lepaks At Botanic Gardens, Netizens Say It’s Like Komodo Dragon

Gigantic Monitor Lizard In Botanic Gardens Reminds Netizens Of Komodo Dragons

There has been a string of incredible scenery and sightings recently. From bizarre animal crossings, to dreamy tangerine skies, one would say Mother Nature is making a comeback.

With significantly lesser footfall in public spaces during ‘Circuit Breaker’, we guess nature can finally catch a breather.

One woman in Singapore recently made a spectacular discovery of a super thicc monitor lizard at Botanic Gardens.


With chonky feet and most of its bulky belly on the ground as it sits, many commented that the reptile was gigantic and it reminded them of komodo dragons.

Monitor lizard at Botanic Gardens one of the biggest she’s seen

Ms Riann, the lucky individual who spotted the rotund reptile, said the monitor lizard was one of the biggest she’s ever seen.


Posting to Nature Society (Singapore)’s Facebook group yesterday (11 Jun), she had named it Ronnie, perhaps out of affection for the lizard.

Ronnie’s size was stunning, as Ms Riann remembered that he was about 6-feet long including his tail.


If you need some quick maffs, that’s about 182cm. So imagine a really tall human, but lying flat on the ground — yup, that huge.

Netizens weigh in on Ronnie’s size

Needless to say, members of the group were floored by Ronnie’s size.

One person jokingly deduced that Ronnie must have eaten too much during ‘Circuit Breaker’.


Meanwhile, several have likened the fella to a komodo dragon, ’cause of his sheer size.



Caution is key to this person, saying that he’s never seen monitor lizards this big in Singapore before. He would make it a point to stay far away.


Perhaps it would be wise. Even though the venom that monitor lizards secrete aren’t toxic to humans, we would still be susceptible to bacterial infection if we were bitten.

What should we do when encountering monitor lizards?

National Parks (NParks) has put up an advisory on their website regarding this, as monitor lizard sightings are pretty common in Singapore.

Just so you can understand the personality of these reptiles further, monitor lizards are  naturally shy and would rather stay away from humans. They have no reason to attack unless provoked.

So keep your distance, leave them alone, and you’ll be fine.

However, in the rare event that you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately. While their venom may not be fatal to humans, the main cause of concern is bacterial infection from the bite.

Have you spotted any unusually enormous monitor lizards before? Share your pictures and experience with us in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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