Monkey Sneakily Cops Bread From S’pore Shop, Lepaks In Tree For Teatime

Monkey Spotted Making Away With Bread From Singapore Shop, Clip Goes Viral

Wildlife is thriving in Singapore’s urban jungle. Some days, their antics catch us off guard and we either love or hate them for it.

From otters loitering outside a hospital to a wild pangolin stranded along a busy road, we thought we’ve seen it all.

But a viral clip of a monkey sneakily ‘stealing’ bread from a shop in Singapore shows that we continue to be enthralled by the way animals survive on our little red dot.

The viral clip, posted on Sunday (2 Aug), has garnered 600 shares in an hour.

Monkey quickly makes away with bread

We first see the monkey quietly crawling into the shop, its presence largely unnoticed by everyone inside. Seems like only the person behind the camera caught sight of it.


With a deft motion of its nimble limbs, the monkey copped and made away with a packet of bread in just 3 seconds.


Not knowing what it did was a crime for humans, the monkey then sits at the walkway right outside the shop, fiddling with the bag.


Tries to pry plastic packaging open

Plastic can be a tricky thing to tear apart — an equal struggle to both mankind and animals apparently.

The monkey then decides to take its loot to greater heights, literally. It seems to be enjoying its time lepak-ing in the trees, getting to have bread for teatime.


The location of the incident is unknown, as the clip only came with a caption of 2 words: Hello Police.

Singapore animals continue to charm their way through life

Judging from how fast the monkey ran away with the bread, one may deduce that it was likely hungry, refused to loaf around and started looking for food.

We sure hope that the shop took this monkey business into account, so that staff can account for one missing packet of bread at the end of the day.

Enjoy your teatime snack, little breadwinner.

Featured image from Facebook.

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