South Korea President Moon Jae-In To Visit Singapore, President Halimah Will Be There This Time

Moon Jae-In Will Visit Singapore To Make Speech After Trump-Kim Summit

On Monday (2 Jul), the Blue House – South Korea’s equivalent of the White House – announced that President Moon Jae-in will be visiting Singapore from 11 to 13 July.

He’ll be making a speech about ensuring peace in the Korean Peninsula, after Trump and Kim’s historic summit.

This time, President Halimah’s presence will definitely be felt, as President Moon is scheduled to pay a special visit to her too.

President Moon x Halimah

President Moon will be calling upon Madam President Halimah Yacob, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on his state visit.

Before gracing our shores, he’ll be making a stopover in India from 8-11 Jul.

Singapore the mediator?

Through this meeting with our President and PM Lee, President Moon will “evaluate the result of cooperation between the two countries”.

As well as discuss ways to “enable future-oriented cooperation between the two countries” based on “such progress”, according to a Blue House correspondent.

By two countries, we think the Blue House is referring to South Korea and North Korea.

Permanent peace is in sight

Mr Moon is also set to explain the country’s vision and policy for the “denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula”, as promised by Chairman Kim Jong Un after he signed the accords with President Trump.

And possibly reveal more tantalising details on how “permanent peace” will be established in its “New Southern Policy”.

An initiative that “seeks to upgrade the country’s cooperation” with other Southeast Asian nations.

St Regis anyone?

What are the odds that President Moon will grace the same suite that Chairman Kim Jong Un enjoyed during his stay here?

Pretty slim, we think.

For President Moon, Singapore probably won’t be footing the bill for his stay.

Welcome to Singapore, Mr Moon.

We have no doubt that his speech will be as iconic as they come.

Seeing that Singapore has now become some sort of symbol for uniting the Korean Peninsula in the aftermath of the summit.

We only have one thing to say to President Moon.


P.S. We sincerely hope that our weather will somehow maintain its typically sunny disposition.

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Featured image from Moon Jae-In and RealDonaldTrump on Instagram.

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