Woman Keeps Journal Of Every Mosquito She’s Killed, Even Brings 1 Back From Bali To S’pore

Woman Keeps Journal Filled With Mosquitoes She Has Killed Since 2018

Mosquitoes are at best an annoyance and at worst a trip to the nearest A&E. To avoid suffering nasty bites, most of us would either apply repellants or simply smack the insect dead.

A woman on TikTok, however, has gone a step further, collecting the mozzies she has killed and keeping them in a “mosquito journal”.

In it, she details the time and place of death for each mosquito and even assigns a fitting name.

In her latest video, she took a mosquito from Bali on her flight back to Singapore, making her journal’s contents ‘international’.

Mosquito journal documents mozzies she has killed

Eunice, better known as @kittybimbs on TikTok, has taken mosquito-killing to the next level. While most would be content with swatting the pesky insect and flicking it away, she instead brings out her “mosquito journal“.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

With some clear tape, she sticks the carcasses of the mosquitoes she has killed onto a page for easy viewing. Then, she assigns each one a fitting name.

In neat handwriting, she details the exact time and place of death, followed by some remarks.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

The journal showed dates going back a few years, indicating that it’s a pastime Eunice has been maintaining.

She told MS News that she started at the end of 2018, after being inspired by a Twitter (now X) post where a girl did something similar.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

The only difference is that Eunice took it a step further with the naming and details.

Her neat work aside, Eunice turned out to be a rather proficient mozzie-killer, with her current recorded mosquito body count at “about 40”.

Brought mosquito back from Bali to add to journal

One might wonder what techniques she uses to slay the insects for her collection.

It turned out that for the ‘mosquito girl’, simplicity is the solution.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

Eunice shared with MS News that the most mosquitoes she caught for her journal in one day was four. Her brother and his friends sometimes pass her mozzies they killed too, helping to add to her collection.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

Although she tries to update the journal right after killing a new mosquito, Eunice admitted that she would sometimes feel lazy or get too busy to do so.

In her most recent TikTok journal update five days ago, Eunice revealed that she killed a mosquito during a trip to Bali.

She carefully wrapped the insect up in a piece of tissue paper and took it for the highest flight of its life on a passenger airline.

Source: @kittybimbs on TikTok

She flew the mosquito back home to Singapore, unfolding it from its papery coffin and adding it to her mozzie graveyard. With this new addition, her mosquito journal finally went international.

Carefully, she scribbled the name ‘Russel’ above where the Bali mosquito lay taped. “It bit my friend,” she wrote in the remarks, “had to teach it a lesson!”

Eunice jokingly confessed in the comments that she failed to apply for a visa for Russel, and snuck it into Singapore illegally.

Source: TikTok

Thinking of bringing mosquito-killing hobby to OnlyFans

Her TikTok viewers expressed a wide variety of reactions to the strange hobby.

Of the responses, Eunice told MS News that she loved when people said her hobby was “psychotic” but were still “here for it”.

She aims to continue expanding her mosquito journal until the notebook is filled. After that, she may contemplate the possibility of selling it.

Additionally, Eunice flirted with the idea of creating a mozzie-killing OnlyFans or Patreon, which she claimed several viewers have suggested via direct message (DM).

We certainly wish her the best of luck with that unique endeavour.

Adapted from San Mateo Mosquito Control and Logos-World, for illustration purposes only

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