P-Plate Motorist’s Bike Stalls In Underpass; Helpful Rider U-Turns To His Aid

Motorist’s Bike Stalls, But Kind Rider Goes Out Of His Way To Help

Every driver dreads having their vehicle come to a sputtering stop on a busy road.

But this ordeal befell a motorcyclist named Boon Xiang, when his bike stalled on a sweltering Tuesday (2 Oct) afternoon in the middle of the underpass at Queensway.

Fortunately for him, a kind-hearted rider went out of his way, to come to his aid.

Boon Xiang put up a post on Facebook that same afternoon detailing what happened, and expressed profound gratitude for the helpful stranger.

We break down what happened after his post.



When misfortune strikes

What was supposed to be another routine drive to work turned out to be something more for P-plate motorist, Boon Xiang.

On 2 Oct, he found his bike stalling in the middle of an underpass.

Boon Xiang decided to push his bike up the slope to a nearby bus stop before calling for a tow truck.

This was because the cars were coming towards him at high speeds and it would have been extremely dangerous for him to wait there.

Not an easy affair

If you’ve ever gone through an underpass, you’ll know that the slope isn’t the gentlest or the shortest.

The slope Boon Xiang will always remember

Imagine pushing 150kg worth of metal up a steep slope, always glancing over your shoulder to ensure the vehicles roaring towards you don’t hit you.

And as if that wasn’t hard enough, Boon Xiang also had to tahan the blistering heat of our noonday sun.

Kind stranger made U-turn just to help

As Boon Xian was struggling to get his bike up the slope, he noticed another bike coming to a slow halt ahead of him.

The rider parked his bike at the road shoulder, left his hazard lights flashing, and ran down to meet Boon Xiang.

Apparently, he was on his way to a mosque when he saw Boon Xiang struggling to get his bike up the slope. The kind stranger then decided to make a U-turn and offer him help.

Together, the two men got the weighty piece of metal out the underpass and to the safety of the open-air road.

An apology for not helping enough

The good samaritan then offered to have a look at Boon Xiang’s bike to see if there was anything he could fix — he happened to have a small toolbox with him.

But when the rider could not discover the problem, he apologised to Boon Xiang, who was rightly baffled.

Yes, the kind-hearted rider apologised for not being able to help enough!

Expressing gratitude

After the ordeal, Boon Xiang realised that he had forgotten to get the name of that kind stranger.

He decided to turn to Facebook to find out his identity.

Though post has since been shared 1,554 times, no one has found out who the man is.

Good guy rider

So if you know anyone who resembles the person in the picture, do contact Boon Xiang on Facebook immediately.

A little help goes a long way

As we race to complete the day-to-day demands of everyday life, it’s easy to turn away from someone in need of help.

We often give excuses like “I’m busy”, or “It’s too hot outside”, or “The person can handle it himself!”

But suppose you were in Boon Xiang’s shoes that day, or in any situation where you feel helpless and frustrated.

Wouldn’t you feel less miserable if someone came up to you and asked if you needed a little help?

Featured image from Google Maps and Facebook.

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