Mr Bean Is Officially Halal-Certified, Grab Pancakes & Soya Bean Drinks For Teatime

Mr Bean Singapore Now Officially Halal-Certified

Teatime around Singapore may have just gotten better with the announcement that Mr Bean is now officially halal-certified in Singapore.

Source: Mr Bean Singapore on Facebook

This means that our Muslim friends can patronise all 64 of the Mr Bean Singapore outlets islandwide.

With this latest development, all of us can enjoy their sumptuous treats for breakfast or teatime, such as chewy pancakes and thirst-quenching soya bean milk, together.

Mr Bean Singapore outlets show up on MUIS website

According to The Halal Eater, Mr Bean Singapore has officially attained its halal certification as of 9 Jun.

A quick look at the MUIS website will show that all 64 outlets have been added to their database of halal-certified restaurants in Singapore.

Source: MUIS

Getting the halal certification is a considerable achievement for Mr Bean Singapore or any other food brand in Singapore.

Looking at their benefits page listed on the MUIS website, a halal-certified brand can now do the following:

  • Tap into the global Halal industry, worth more than US$2.1 trillion.
  • Increase competitive advantage in the worldwide market
  • Provide Muslim customers with a higher level of assurance
  • Leverage on a low-cost investment with a large potential for revenue growth
  • Increase the company’s reputation for being able to accommodate a wide range of consumer needs.

Each outlet has pancakes, soya milk & tau huay

If you’re unfamiliar with Mr Bean’s menu, here’s a little rundown of their favoured treats.

One of their signature items is pancakes. These bite-sized dough treats are filled generously with different fillings, from the classic red bean to savoury tuna.

Source: SharonChua on HappyCowNet

Another local classic that is loved by many is the tau huay. To keep up with the times, they have even introduced a sea salt gula melaka version to appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Source: SharonChua on HappyCowNet

Lastly, their famous thirst-quenching soya milk is a lifesaver in Singapore’s scorching hot weather and does the job like no other.

Source: SharonChua on HappyCowNet

Having more halal options is always a good thing

Our Muslim friends will surely welcome news of more F&B brands getting their halal certificates.

With this news, they can now savour food and drinks served by Singapore’s iconic homegrown soybean brand.

Are you planning for a visit to a Mr Bean outlet soon? What do you plan to buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Cqveggiefinds on HappyCowNet & Google Maps.

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