Mrbrown Says There’s No Point Blaming Anyone For Covid-19 Spread, Virus Our Only Enemy

Mrbrown Encourages Singapore Residents To Keep Up Fight Against Covid-19

The tightened measures that kicked in today (22 Jul), are a tough blow for most Singapore residents.

S’pore Bans Dine-Ins From 22 Jul, Only Groups Of 2 Allowed During Phase 2

While there was no doubt a cloud of frustration hanging above Singapore, a video by local blogger mrbrown, filled with army lingos, seems to have lifted many of our moods.

In the army-style skit posted on Wednesday (21 Jul), mrbrown acknowledged how sian Singapore residents must be feeling right now.

However, he said there’s no point blaming anyone for the ongoing Covid-19 spread and urged viewers to soldier on in our fight against Covid-19.

Mrbrown says there will always be sabo kings

In the video, mrbrown compared the irresponsible individuals behind the KTV clusters to “sabo kings” in Basic Military Training (BMT).

Be it in civilian or military attire, these individuals would commit acts that would cause the larger community to suffer.


Their actions may have cost us just 20 push-ups back in BMT, but their latest acts have resulted in 30 days of tightened measures for all.

As much as we want to punish – or in military terms, “blanket party” – these individuals, mrbrown said this will not help our fight against Covid-19.


Singapore is only as strong as its weakest link

Indeed, our nation is only as strong as our weakest link during the pandemic, given the virus’ propensity to seek out loopholes in our system.


So when someone misbehaves or steps out of line, everyone has to pay the price. In mrbrown’s words,

 One think with the wrong head, all bang balls together.

As humans, it’s only natural for us to do “stupid things” every now and then.

But for the rest of us, all we can do is our own part, which includes getting vaccinated ASAP.

Mrbrown says it’s okay to kowpeh

Like all of us, mrbrown is also “tulan” or angry with the current situation and would also like to find comfort in having someone to blame.


But so what if we find the culprits, he asked, for the virus has already begun spreading in our community.

Currently, we can only “suck thumb”, “semula” or restart, and “march again”.

Even as we rise from the ashes of this latest episode, he said that more cockups are bound to happen in the future.


However, we must remain a pak buay si or tenacious bunch of people, and not let such failures spell the end of us.

He ended off by telling viewers that it’s okay to kowpeh or complain. But when that’s done, we need to settle down and carry on with the fight.


We are indeed as strong as our weakest link

The latest set of tightened measures would understandably cause many to feel sian or frustrated.

But even as we complain about the regulations, the obstacle remains one we must overcome.

Indeed, as mrbrown aptly puts it, we are only as strong as our weakest link during the pandemic.

While we can’t control what others are doing, what we can make sure of is that we’re adhering to the prevalent measures. If everyone were to cooperate that way, it would help tremendously in preventing clusters from forming.

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Featured image adapted from mrbrown on Facebook

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