Woman Claims Backrests On MRT Carriages Take Up More Space Than Seats, Sparks Debate

Woman Argues Backrest MRT Carriages Take Up More Space On Trains, Starts Discussion

If you’ve frequented any MRT line, you’d likely have encountered carriages with standing backrests rather than seats.

They’re clearly intended to pack more people into one MRT carriage. However, one woman argued that the backrests took up more space.

She opined that standing carriages without the backrests worked much better.

Others argued that the backrests still created more standing space than seats. Some also contended against seatless carriages in general.

Woman argues MRT backrests worse than seats

For a few years now, MRT train carriages have undergone several changes.

Some carriages replaced the usual seats with backrests, or ‘perch seats’, for leaning instead. A woman on Facebook group Complaint Singapore criticised these.

Using a photo, she alleged that the backrests could fit one less person in a row than the usual seats.

Source: Facebook

“Can we truly squeeze more people during peak hours into the train with this new ergonomic backrest design?” she questioned.

The OP also alleged that the leaning passengers would have their legs protrude out into the common standing area too.

Instead, she compared them unfavourably to the high-capacity standing carriages without perch seats.

Source: SGTrains

Netizens argue for and against backrests

Unsurprisingly, the topic of crowded MRT trains proved irresistible for many.

Some argued that the perch seats still increased overall standing space. The OP rebutted quickly, arguing that the leaning passengers took up as much space as a seated one.

Source: Facebook

Other netizens felt that it was unfair to pay the same travel fares yet not be allowed a chance to sit.

Source: Facebook

One commenter alleged that in crowded peak hours, those at the perch seats would stand straight. They noted that in the provided photos, there was ample space and as such, no downside to leaning.

The OP, however, felt that it relied on the “personal preferences” of those leaning.

Source: Facebook

Most of the debating Singaporeans generally agreed that the fully standing carriages fit the most people. Some disagreed with removing actual seats in general though.

What is your opinion on the different types of MRT carriages?

Source: SGTrains

Earlier this year, a Singaporean rode on all the MRT lines and rated them.

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