‘Entitled Mum’ Asks LRT Stranger For $70 Toy To Pacify Son, Gets Told Off By Another Commuter

‘Entitled Mum’ Allegedly Asks For $70 Toy To Pacify Son On LRT In Singapore

Mums go to great lengths to pacify their crying children, especially in public places. So, what would they do if their children demanded a toy from a stranger?

On Wednesday (17 Jul), a Redditor who goes by the handle u/Master_InfernoBrine shared his experience with an ‘entitled mum’ and her baby boy on the LRT.

The child had allegedly threw a tantrum until he saw the Redditor’s S$70 collectible Nico Yazawa figurine.


Chaos ensued, as the mum hoped that she could attain the toy for her son and the Redditor refused to hand it over. The thread has received more than 3,000 upvotes on the platform.

Here’s a summary of the drama.

S’pore Redditor meets ‘entitled mum’ on the LRT

The drama begins with a short backstory.

The Redditor was a huge fan of the anime Love Live! so he bought a Nico Yazawa Nendoroid a few weeks ago. The toy arrived on Tuesday (16 Jul), and he brought it to school and showed it off to his friends.


As he was heading home, he took the LRT. It was crowded but he managed to find a seat to play with his kawaii Nendoroid toy.

Meets a kid who loves “throwing things”

The Redditor then saw a mother and her son enter the LRT cabin. In the post, the mother was dubbed as EM or “Entitled Mother” and the son was referred to as EK or “Entitled Kid”.


He describes that the child “started bawling” due to the “crowded LRT” train he was on. When the mum’s attempts to pacify her son fell flat, she allegedly tried to feed him Oreos, which he threw away.


According to the Redditor, she also handed him a phone, which the child reportedly “tossed to the ground”.

The Redditor who witnessed the scene, shares that he felt truly sorry for the woman.

Mum asks Redditor to give her kid the toy

The child apparently continued bawling until he saw the Nico Yazawa Nendoroid toy the Redditor was holding.

As the boy reached for the toy, the Redditor hid it in his jacket pocket. Shortly after, the child turned back to his mum for comfort.


Upon seeing her child’s desire for the shiny new toy, the Redditor shares he was asked what it was.

To answer her question, he introduced the toy to her child — who understandably went silent again.

Any parent can relate to the struggles of pacifying a kid, but it came as a surprise to the Redditor when the mother asked,

Can you give it to my boy?

He politely refused and explained it cost him S$70.

The context was that this exact toy had already gone out of production 4 years ago. According to the netizen, most anime collectors would know how valuable and rare these figurines become as time passes.

‘Entitled mum’ allegedly still demands for toy from man

Unfortunately, the mother involved remained unaware of the toy’s value beyond the monetary cost and told the Redditor,

Don’t lie to me. Anyway, just give it to him for a while only, he won’t break it one.

As the Redditor had witnessed that the child had a habit of throwing items, he shares that he apologised again and assured the mum that he wasn’t lying about its cost.

According to his account, the ‘entitled mum’ turned “red” upon his refusal to hand the toy over.


The unnamed lady allegedly exclaimed,

Stop lying! Is this how you to talk your parents?

As chaos ensued, u/Master_InfernoBrine shares that the kid reached out for the toy, and began bawling after hearing his mum raise her voice.

The situation continued escalating until the mum “blamed” the Redditor for making her baby boy cry.

He shares that he tried to walk away to diffuse the situation but says that was when the lady grabbed his backpack and told him,

Give my boy your toy now!

Fellow anime fan comes to the rescue

Thankfully, a teenage girl who was in the train unexpectedly came to his defense.

She confirmed that he wasn’t lying about the price, and said,

It is a limited edition toy, and if your son breaks it, you will have to pay this boy the full money.

The teenager then told the mum on the train to “leave him alone” or she would “call the police”.

As the mother and son duo left the LRT, she muttered,

Young people these days.

Coincidentally, it turns out that this particular teenager was also a fan of the Love Live! Anime, like the Redditor. He profusely thanked the girl for her help in resolving the issue.

Once he reached home, he immortalised his story through the Internet.

Respecting a refusal

Parents know how hard it is to calm down a bawling baby.

While the struggle is real AF, it’s also important to ask for people’s consent and respect their refusal.

The story tells us that not all requests can be granted and we shouldn’t strong-arm people to get what we want.

Fortunately for the Redditor, a kind stranger empathised with his struggles and firmly defended him.

What do you think could have been handled better in this case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Featured image from Reddit, Unsplash & SGTrains. Do note that the cover picture is for illustration purposes only.

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