Mother Stays At Home During Covid-19 Pandemic & Makes Quilt Covers To Pass Time

Since the ‘Circuit Breaker’, we’ve had to face the reality that Covid-19 might be a thing for a long time to come.

For those of advanced age, there hasn’t been much choice but to minimise contact with others.

So it was that since last year when Singapore went into a 2-month lockdown, a 83-year-old woman has stayed at home diligently.

MS News reader Ms Ng told us that her mother-in-law has passed her time sewing intricate quilt covers for the past year.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

Through sharing her story, Ms Ng wants to send some encouragement to Singaporeans, elderly and young.

Mother sews quilts to pass time during CB

Apr 2020 was a time of staying indoors as Singapore went into what is thankfully still our only lockdown to date for the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

However, what began as a hobby became something to keep safe during the pandemic.

Ms Ng told us that her mother-in-law has stayed alone by herself since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ to keep herself safe.

And over the year, her time’s been spent building quilt covers entirely from scratch.

This is how the process for a typical cover goes.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

The intricate quilt designs are done entirely from scratch with recycled material, as these images show.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

These newspaper cutouts are then remodeled in the shape, and they’re all sewn 1 by 1.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

For each colour, she needs 16 of these pieces to form.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

Putting patterns together for quilt covers

Once all of the patterns are complete, the next step is to get the background colour — for this one, it’s light orange.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

The final touch will be to remove the paper from the patterns.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

Here’s the complete result.

Image courtesy of Ms Ng

Neighbours and relatives help out

Neighbours help Ms Ng’s mother-in-law with obtaining the raw material for the quilts.

In turn, she will gift the completed quilt covers to other friends and relatives.

Her neighbours have also helped to sell them online, but due to concerns from Ms Ng’s sister-in-law over stressing her eyesight, she hasn’t sold them quite as much.

“Once she knows there’s an order, she will keep making them,” Ms Ng told MS News. 

On the other hand, if the quilt cover is a gift, she will take her time, Ms Ng said.

Happy Mother’s Day

For someone who’s just turned 83 this year, Ms Ng’s mother-in-law has probably been through many ups and downs.

To be active even at her age and working on her craft is something we think is particularly admirable, especially since today is Mother’s Day.

It’s doubly admirable that she’s chosen this craft as a way to stay at home and keep safe.

This Mother’s Day, we give thanks to our mothers who’ve given everything to raise us.

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Featured image courtesy of Ms Ng.