Muscular Fortune Cat Available On Shopee, Brings ‘Stronger’ Luck For You & The Fam This Year

Muscular Fortune Cat On Shopee Will Bring Extra Huat Than Its Skinnier Counterpart

Fortune Cats, often put on display in shops to bring wealth and prosperity, are no stranger to most of us.

But what happens when you’re strapped for cash and the powers that the conventional Fortune Cats possess just aren’t enough?

Turns out, some folks have come up with an extra-buff muscular Fortune Cat that will hopefully bring in more prosperity than its skinnier counterpart.


Available on Shopee, this buff Maneki Neko is a cheeky gift for your friends who would love to have better luck this year.

Muscular Fortune Cat has more strength to bring in more luck

We’ve seen plenty of Fortune Cats in our lifetime, but none can surpass the ‘strength’ that this muscular one possesses.


The gold figurine is believed to attract more fortune than the regular Lucky Cat. After all, if it had already worked out hard in the gym to achieve those ‘guns’, then it probably shouldn’t have a problem ‘fetching’ more luck for your homes and offices.


With this figurine by their side, business owners would probably be able to attract more customers.


Available in Lazada and Shopee

The muscular Fortune Cat is available on Shopee Singapore in 2 colourways – white and gold – and would cost you S$52.21 and S$88.44 for the 23cm and 32cm versions respectively.


Those gifting this to others can also top up an additional S$15 for it be packed in an auspicious red box.

Lazada also has something similar – featuring the cat sitting on an ingot – that cost slightly less at S$47.


Both Fortune Cats are currently on discount, so now’s probably the best time to cop a few and gift them next month during the Lunar New Year.

‘Stronger’ luck for you and the fam

Though not everyone believes in the ‘powers’ that these Fortune Cats possess, there’s likely no harm in getting one for yourself and the fam. 

Know anyone that needs an extra dose of huat for the upcoming months? Tag them in the comments below, because everyone needs all the luck they can get.

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