CNY Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charms Launch On 16 Jan As Embroidered Prosperity Cats

Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charms On Shopee from 16 Jan

Missed the Hello Kitty x We Bare Bears and My Melody Holders last 2018? Fret not!

You can start the New Year right with the new Hello Kitty EZ-Link charms which are set to be released on Wednesday (16 Jan), as reported by GirlStyle.

Hello Kitty prosperity cat

Local Sanrio fans will be pleased to know that the EZ-Link charm mimics the iconic prosperity cat — Maneki Neko.

Here’s how it looks:


We love the embroidered detailing on the keychain and here’s a little background info on what a ‘Maneki Neko’ aka ‘Fortune Cat’ is.

According to the Japanese, the fortune cat’s raised paw brings good luck and fortune to the owner. This could be the little extra ingredient you’ll need to get your next promotion, ace your tests or win a lottery.

This sounds like a sweet deal — because we want all the luck we can get in 2019.

Snorlax, Pikachu & Disney Tsum Tsum charms

Past iterations of the adorable charm have sold out within minutes on Shopee’s platform.

Who could forget the king of lepak himself — Snorlax released in December?

Snorlax EZ-Link Charms Launch On 10 Dec & They’re Cuter Than Pikachu

And the Chip ‘N’ Dale Tsum Tsum charms that took Singapore by storm earlier in the year.

EZ-Link’s Chip ‘N’ Dale Tsum Tsum Charm Takes The Internet By Storm

Just like an EZ-Link card, the charm may be used on buses, trains, and retail outlets that accept EZ-link payment.

Simply top up your charm as you would your regular card at 30,000 EZ-Link acceptance points across the island.

Do note that these charms are usually sold without any prepaid value, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ready for 16 Jan?

In true Singaporean fashion, we predict that it will be sold out fast like Mcdonald’s My Melody holders so save the date!

We’ve reached out to EZ-Link for the pricing details, but we’d expect that you’d have to fork out around S$29.90, just like the Snorlax EZ-Link charm.

The new keychain will be available exclusively on EZ-Link’s Shopee website. We’re not sure what time it’ll drop in their online store so stay tuned for more updates!

Featured image from GirlStyle and Instagram.

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