My First Skool Fernvale Confirms Covid-19 Case In Parent Of 2 Students There

As Singapore hit the 1,000 cases mark on 1 Apr no less, various segments of society have been impacted. A large cluster has formed at an old age home, and students of all ages have tested positive.

My First Skool, a preschool cum childcare in Fernvale, confirmed a Covid-19 case yesterday (1 Apr) — a parent of 2 students there.


Despite the announcement, the school remains open as thorough disinfection had already been done after the most recent visit.

Patient’s last visit to My First Skool Fernvale was in Dec 2019

A letter from the school’s executive principal circulated online yesterday (1 Apr).


In it, she clarified that the parent’s last visit to the school was way back in Dec 2019. The parent neither had a recent travel history nor lives with a family member who does.

The patient’s 2 children and the other parent were last at the vicinity last Monday (27 Mar).

The 2 students, who are in Nursery and K2 seemed well, while the other parent did not enter the premises in light of new safety measures.

All 3 are under quarantine immediately following the confirmation of the case.

Disinfection on 1 Apr on top of monthly sanitisation

Following protocol, the school had already undergone a monthly professional sanitisation last Monday (27 Mar), prior to the notice.

As an extra effort, they also engaged a National Environment Agency (NEA)-approved cleaner to thoroughly disinfect the premises again on 1 Apr after confirmation of the case.

Teachers will also regularly clean all surfaces and follow precautionary measures, as well as monitor children’s health, so the school can continue operations.

Palm View Primary extends e-learning after confirming 1 case

In an update yesterday, Palm View Primary School at 150 Compassvale Bow also confirmed a Covid-19 case involving a Primary 2 student.


A report by Yahoo and a letter to parents circulating on messaging platforms confirmed this.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

According to the principal, the student had no recent travel history but contracted the virus from a family member.

The student last reported to school on Monday (30 Mar). Teachers and other students who had been in close contact have been put on a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) starting yesterday (1 Apr).

Since the school was already on Home-Based Learning (HBL) yesterday, they will extend the period till today (2 Apr) while the premises undergo disinfection.

School will resume tomorrow (3 Apr) for everyone else unaffected by the recent case.

Stay vigilant & follow precautionary measures

With the number of local transmissions on the rise and new clusters emerging, it’s more important now than ever to comply with precautionary measures.

Refrain from any non-essential social interactions, and observe good hygiene at all times.

We wish the patients a smooth recovery, and that everyone stays safe in these challenging times.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.