Najib And 1MDB: 14 Tiaras,12,000 Pieces Of Jewellery Seized At Empty House Linked To Ex-PM

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Investigations Into Najib Speed Up As Items Found In An Empty House Linked To Him

In a lively press conference on Wednesday (27 Jun), the chief of Malaysia’s Commercial Crime Department Amar Singh provided an update on items seized from properties linked to Mr Najib Razak.

Mr Singh shared that there were at least 35 bags of cash seized from the apartment.

Monies collected amounted to nearly RM120 million (S$40 million).

It took 22 officers 3 days to count all this money, which was in 26 different currencies.

Besides money, Mr Singh also revealed that investigators had seized 25 bags of gold, diamonds and gems.

These were valued at RM442 million (S$150 million). But according to some estimates, the jewellery could retail for as much as RM800 million.

Some 12,000 pieces of jewellery were seized as well – among this were 14 tiaras, as well as a single necklace worth RM6.4 million (S$2.1 million).

And then there were the handbags – the Hermes bags found in the apartment are estimated to be worth around RM51.3 million (S$17 million).

The premises at Pavilion KL were empty, according to Mr Singh.

There was no aircon, no fans. Just a couple of tables.

It is unclear if the items belonged to either Mr Najib or his wife, Madam Rosmah Mansor.

Were they actually gifts?

Noting that Mr Najib had previously explained that many of the items were gifts, Mr Singh said that police were currently investigating.

We are getting in touch with the alleged gift givers and finding out if they were indeed gifts, he said.

Mr Singh alleged that this was likely the biggest seizure of goods in Malaysian history.

In case you’ve lost count of what exactly they seized, here’s a quick recap.

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