All Clear Siren Will Sound On National Day, 9 Aug

There are a variety of public warning sirens played on special occasions as well as in emergencies. Thankfully, Singaporeans usually only hear them in times of peace.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will be playing the All Clear signal on National Day (9 Aug), at 10.30am and 8.20pm.

They advise the public to not be alarmed.

National day siren signal anthem and pledge moments

You can check out how the siren will sound here.

The first siren at 10.30am is a call for Singaporeans to sing the national anthem — it’s called the Anthem Moment.


At the same time, flagbearers will raise state flags across different locations in Singapore.

Meanwhile, the second siren at 8.20pm is the Pledge Moment, where Singaporeans will take the pledge from wherever they are.

Celebrating being Singaporean

While the National Day Parade (NDP) show will be scaled down and held at the Star Vista this year, the air should be as patriotic as ever.

There’ll still be the fireworks show that we look forward to every year, and in these trying times, it’s good to take a look back at how we’ve handled the Covid-19 crisis.

Through the NDP show, we can get together as one nation, one people, one Singapore, when we take the ple

Even the pledge and national anthem will be done with a safe distance from others — that’s how much Covid-19 has affected us.

But it won’t change our resilience as a nation. So when you hear the sirens sounded, do sing the anthem and recite the pledge.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and IPS Commons.